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Minutes from the Equity Group Meeting 140326

Tobias Wrigstad
Anna-Lena Forsberg
Andreina Francisco
Virginia Grande
Karolina Malm-Holmgren
Magnus Grandin
Jonas Flodin
Deha Nemutlu Cambazoglu
Tilda Pentikäinen

Applications from Prestationsresurs B

Tobias informed that the Equity Group has received 4 applications for funding from Prestationsresurs B. The group agreed to give support to all of the applications and recommend Michael Thuné to approve them.

  1. Application from Per Lötstedt: 5.000 SEK to cover parts of the travel cost for Dr Ruth Baker. Dr Baker is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Oxford and she is invited to the subdivision of Scientific Computing at the IT Department on the 5-9 of May 2014 and to hold a seminar at the Centre for Interdiciplinary Mathematics.
  2. Application from Tilda Pentikäinen: 12.750 SEK for a two-day inspiration event on the 9-10 of May 2014 for female applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program and the Master Program in Computer and Information Engineering.
  3. Application from Elisabeth Linnér: 4.412 SEK for travel cost to Cornell Vision and Image Analysis Group, Ithaca, NY, USA, during 26 or 27 of March 2014, to hold a seminar on her research. Elisabeth will likely also ask for a reimbursement of the living costs as well.
  4. Application from Ã?sa Cajander: 8.000 SEK for the costs arising when inviting Marta Larusdottir from Reykjavik University in 12-27 of September 2014 to work on an EU application as well as finishing a paper for the CHI conference.

Andreina asked the group if there could be a funding to cover her work to organize the ACM-w Chapter conference. Anna-Lena takes care of the practicalities on this.

Tobias also opened again the discussion about the application from Vi 2 (Ingela Nyström) for the salary of a postdoc Natasa Sladoje from Novi Sad, Serbia.
The group discussed this in the meeting: If the group agrees it will use the whole budget of Prestationsresurs B on only one person´s salary. If we support it, should we change the word of proposals to support this? The opinion put forward in the group was: it would mean to spend too much on too few people; can it lead to unscrupulous use of means; will it make it cheap to hire women and not promote equality; the commitment to cofund during x number of years, will it block more proposals during this persons stay here?
The group agreed that the equality means should have a bigger purpose than funding salaries for persons just because they are from the underrepresented gender alone. It could however be acceptable if during their stay here contributes to the improvement of equality. The final decision is postponed to the next meeting 29/4.

The idea bank

A project idea from Tobias: A gender perspective search of our webpage.
Can we find someone with the proper skills who is willing to pursue this idea?
We should give a gender balanced picture of who we are at IT, and break the image of the typical computer people. The group will continue discussion online.

How to deal with sexual harassment

The groups agreed that it should be more visible who the contact persons for sexual harassment are (Anna-Lena Forsberg and Karolina Malm-Holmgren).

  1. Anna-Lena will update the IT webpage and will send an e-mail to all heads of divisions so they can inform about it on division meetings.
  2. Where do the students turn to with these matters? Studentkåren UTN, most students are members. Studentportalen, it can be adverted there.
  3. Anna-Lena will book a 3 hour course about Sexual harassment held (in English) by the Equality Office of the University. A suggested time is during week 38. A final suggestion of a date will be discussed next meeting. Attendance of least 12 persons is required to hold the course, students are welcome as well as employees.


Virginia Grande informed about Netlight which is an independent, value driven consult firm in management and IT.
They have the Vostok program, to increase the presence of women in CS and IT. They offered collaboration with the ACM-W chapter, in the form of, for example, workshops for students. As they would be coming from Stockholm, attendance of at least 30 students would be needed (the number would depend on the type of activity). Topics for these workshops could be how to stand up for yourself (for female students), how to support gender equality (from the point of view of both a woman and a man), etc. They could offer this from September 2014.

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