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Minutes from the Gender Equity Meeting 140429

in room 4306
Virginia Grande
Deha Nemutlu Cambazoglu
Per Mattsson
Andreina Francisco
Joseph Scott
Anna-Lena Forsberg
Tobias Wrigstad
Karolina Malm-Holmberg
1. Final decision about Ingela Nyström´s (regarding Natasa Sladoje's visit)and Anders Brun´s (regarding Alicia Fornés visit) applications.
The group decided not to recommend Michael to approve any applications which regards funding salaries apart from salaries for work dedicated to active equality work. Reasons behind it are that the group feels that by approving this people might get the impression that "if we hire a woman we may save money" ie women are cheap to hire. Also that transparency gets lost in the process. We want to avoid that a situation develops where we are expected to choose between different candidates and judge their merits; we are not a hiring committee. We don´t think that the cost is justified in relation to the positive impact on gender balance. Our budget is too small to be used in a way that is fair unless contributions are downsized, but then they become too small to be significant when it comes to salaries.
We want to open up a new form of support where we can support longer visits by women, 75% of the amount up to maximum 50 000 SEK. The application from Anders Brun may use this for the initial visit of Alicia Fornés.

2. Discussion about a date for the course in sexual harassment, during week 38.
Anna-Lena will contact Mikael Landsten and book a date during week 38.

3. Discussion about the phrase "to search actively and broadly for a candidate from the underrepresented gender".
Because of lack of time item 3 was postponed to another meeting.

4. New ideas for the Idea-bank
No new ideas this time.

5. Information
No information this time.

6. Other topics
No other topics either.

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