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Department of Information Technology

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Minutes from the Equity Group meeting 29 of October 2014, 12:00-13:00

Tobias Wrigstad
Virginia Grande
Adriaan Larmuseau
Per Mattsson
Emanuel Rubensson
Joseph Scott
Maria Andreina Francisco
Secretary: Anna-Lena Forsberg

Tobias announced that:
1. The newly elected Gender Equality Officer is Ã?sa Cajander and she will start on the 1st of November. The title was also changed by the Board of the Department to Gender Equality Officer from Contact Person for Gender Issues.
2. The Equity Plan and the evaluation of the work 2014 are postponed with a deadline in January.
3. Nina Almgren will come to a later meeting to inform about Gender Indicators.

The Proposal by Parrow/Grande

The proposal was discussed by Tobias and Michael Thuné, since some questions remain before a decision is made: A roof for costs or time to spend (on each proposal in the future), as well as clear guidelines for how to write a proposal.
The group agreed to pay for 2 months for this proposal and additional 15 000 SEK as a spending allowance. The group also agreed that the money cannot be used for research or conference presentation. This should be covered by other means.
The group also agreed that it is useful if anyone leaving a proposal to the Gender Equity Group in the future comes to one of our meetings and be prepared to answer questions, as was the case this time.

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