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Notes from Gender Equality Meeting 26th of November 2014

1. The group had a round of presentations of themselves.
2. Per Lötstedts proposal. The group agreed to recommend Michael Thuné to grant the money. One suggestion from the group was that Per´s guest could hold an open seminar.
The group also agrees that all proposals should be written in English.
3. Workshop: See separate notes.
4. New name for the group.
The group agreed to rename the Equity group "Ledningsgruppen för jämställdhet" or in English "The Steering Committee for Equality". The group discussed and came to the conclusion that the group should not change focus or name to Equal Opportunities.
5. Next meeting is the 16/12 at 14:15-16:00. Nina Almgren is invited to attend all our meetings.
Work task distribution for the next meeting:
Andreina: How can we reduce sick rates?
Virginia: How can we attract more female associate lecturers?
Ã?sa: How can we improve funding process from a gender perspective?

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