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Notes from the Gender Equity Group meeting, 28 of January 2015 (at 13.30-14.30)

1. Decision regarding applications for funding of projects:

We discussed an application from Tilde Pentikäinen. We agreed to recommend Michael to approve the application.

2. Workshop and discussion of the process for gender project applications

a. We discussed and decided 4 areas for funding:

  1. Visiting researchers: we will cover 50-75% of the salary, max 50 000
  2. Development projects: we will cover salary for 2 months, max 75 000
  3. Gender related education
  4. Organizing events related to gender

b. We discussed and decided on a yearly process:

We agreed on 4 yearly deadlines for gender project applications: March, May, August and October. This means that the Equality Group meetings on the 25/3, 27/5, 26/8 and 28/10 will be application discussion meetings. The October meeting will be an extra-long one since we will have to work with the Gender Equality Plan for 2016 as well.

c. We discussed and decided relevant criteria to be used for assessments:

We agreed on 5 criteria for gender project applications:

  1. The person responsible for an application must come to the meeting and present it.
  2. The applications must be written in English.
  3. The applications must come to the Equality Group latest one week before the meeting when it will be discussed (see above).
  4. The gender project applications must contain a budget. Ã?sa and Anna-Lena will work on a template (in Excel).
  5. There must be a 2 week deadline for a decision on the application from the date when it was discussed in the Group.

3. Miscellaneous

Ã?sa will start the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan as soon as it is approved by the Board Meeting on the 29/1.

The meeting in February will be moved to either 2/3 or 3/3 because �sa is in Saudi Arabia on the 25/2. The Equal Opportunities group at the faculty (with Lena S. Forsell) and Michael Thuné will attend this meeting. We will send a message to the group which date it will be.

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