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Department of Information Technology

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Notes from the Gender Equity Group meeting, 3 of March 2015 (at 13.30-14.30)

1. Decisions regarding applications for funding of projects:

  • We discussed an application from Ã?sa Cajander. We agreed to recommend Michael to approve the application.
  • The application from Tilde Pentikäinen, discussed during the previous meeting, was approved by Michael.

2. Creative discussion with Per Mattson regarding system for anonymous comments and ideas

  • The system will be implemented as an online form.
  • It will be possible, but not required, to leave a contact email, in case the person writing the comment wants to be contacted.
  • The link to the online form should be distributed to all everyone at the department (both students and staff). To be done through mailing lists, student organisations, etc.

3. Visit from Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Some of the items that were named are:

  • It is important to continue having good communication with the head of department.
  • It is also important to include students when developing gender equality goals.
  • Seminar topics: good examples of supervision styles, better workload planing.
  • Toolbox for inclusive supervision.
  • Feedback: the IT department is currently performing well regarding gender equality plans and initiatives.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Minna Salminen Karlsson will have a seminar on the 23 of March 13-15 about Gender equality in academic recruitment processes.
  • There will be a Gender and computing panel on March 10th. It is organised by the gender equity group and the UU ACM-W student chapter. For more information, visit: [1]
  • Workshop for using case studies in education (date: May 2015).
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