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Minutes Gender Equity Group, 29 of April 2015

Participants: Ã?sa Cajander, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Per Mattsson, Karolina Malm-Holmgren, Nina Almgren.

1. Discussion and recommendations regarding applications for funding

Per Mattsson was leading the discussion since Ã?sa Cajander was one of the applicants and therefore disqualified. Ã?sa also left the room during the discussion.
Application 1: Visiting female researcher Christiane Grünloh. By �sa Cajander
The group recommends Michael to approve the application.
Application 2: Visiting female researcher Marta Larusdottir. By Ã?sa Cajander
The group will recommend Michael to approve the application after discussion the budget with him.
Application 3: Visiting female researcher Yvonne Rogers. By Edward White
The group will ask Edward to send a renewed application and to come to the next meeting so that we can discuss it.

2. Presentation of system for anonymous comments by Per Mattsson

Per said that Wiki can be used but right now there are some bugs. He has made an error report but it is not fixed yet.

3. Presentation of interviews with female PhD students by Nina Almgren

The interviews were made two years ago with a group of five and one single person. The questions were on excellence, work environment etc.
a. One aspect noted was that in smaller groups the women are better represented than in the work place as a whole.
b. How are women treated? They expressed that they as female researchers are seen as a woman firstly and a researcher secondly and it is notable especially internationally. Does it affect their decision to continue as researchers? Does it help to protest or not?
How can we raise awareness to the problem?
Collect experiences of this kind, and add them to the action plan next year?

4. The Gender Equity Indicators - a follow up discussion on the previous meeting

a. More women on higher positions. Working on a document, but what should the goal be? Follow-up.
b. Female Phd students: The problems with sick leave. They don´t report themselves sick. In the indicators one can´t count the long term sick since he statistics will be biased. The indicators gives not enough support. It´s better to focus on question a.

5. Miscellaneous

a. Election of new PhD student representatives and student representatives will take place for the coming year.
b. Suggestion from Lina von Sydow to invite Fredrik Sjögren from Lund. He is a researcher in the area of IT and gender. We could recommend to pay for the travel expenses.

6. Other things

a. Outreaching to the public and recruiting women in younger age. Is a "IT-kollo" for girls a good idea? Can we create collaboration with Gustavianum? Anna-Lena will find out.
b. A teambuilding activity for the group. In a conference hotel near Uppsala, two half days, lunch to lunch. Ã?sa and Anna-Lena will plan this.
c. A change of date for the next meeting 28/5 instead of 27/5. Adriaan will talk about gender balance for professors.
d. Nina will look into the comment that only two sexes (men, women) in our texts are too narrow. What is the best way to express ambiguity of gender in the texts?

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