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Department of Information Technology

Focus areas
1. Promoting better Phd programmes for all.
2. Support the employed women that we have, currently employed as associate senior lecturers and senior lecturers, (increasing the number of women) (but not only get more women)
3. Support female students

Invite Ulrike Schnas on Tool kit ?Inclusive ways to supervise?

Discussion Who does what
1. How do better phd programmes for all?

? Look at university wide survey (april 15) Andreina
? organize a retreat for female phd student Åsa, Andreina, Anne, Karolina
? Tool kit for supervisors (Invite Ulrike Schnas) Anne, Åsa
o 10 items
o Plan a process of anchoring
o Discuss with Ulrike
o Start off with a GeqG meeting discussing this (in September)

2. Support females students
? Panel (IT/DV students girls/ACM-w) Spring and Fall Karolin, Victoria
o Inspiration about research/Phd
o About our research
o What is it like to be a phd-student?
o What is it like to be a student in IT/DV?
o Who you can become: Role models, invite good computer engineers from Univ or from companies, alumni.
? Work on Recruit one students representatives (also male) from programmes (not IT/DV) Victoria
? Frequent fikas org by q-plus Karolin
? Indicators for students Nina, Victoria, Åsa
o What are those?
o Drop outs? Could student Counsellors help?)

? Lunch seminars for faculty Mats
o Virginia, Anne, Minna, ÅSa
? Seminars and fika for female PhD and students
? Include gender awareness in introduction in IT, discuss with teachers what this means Anne

3. Supporting females currently employed as associate senior lecturers, senior lecturers, postdocs

? Database: Adriaan offers to work on it, Adriaan, Mikael L
? Workshop for these 3 groups, (invite to brainstorm what is problematic etc) Anna-Lena, Åsa
Or if it fails do Interviews in these 3 groups Adriaan
? Nina interviews
? Medarbetarenkät/survey seniors, the 3 groups Emanuel
? How to overcome difficulties to get funding as a woman Mikael L
o Look at what others do, experiences from others
o How show/prove that there is a problem?
o How can we convince those who doesn?t see it as a problem
? Include something in the Strategy Day Nov 2016 Mats
? Understand resistance to equality work Nina

4. TA-group
Inform the groups & Interviews A-L, Karolina
Look at surveys A-L
KAIA? Is Gender forgotten, why? A-L

5. What will happen next?
? Next meeting 28/10
o Åsa will look at evaluation, present result.
o Åsa, M.L., Anna-Lena present 0.1 version of Action Plan.
o Evaluate last year?s action plan.
o Applications
o Andreina presents the evaluation of the retreat.
? Group agrees that GeqG-meetings can have different focus in the future.

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