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Department of Information Technology

2. Åsa presented the plan for the contents of the meetings 2016, see below. It will be in MP-group and on our webpage.

3. Miscellaneous
a. Åsa reminded us not to miss the FESTA seminar the 18th of December (see LäsIT)
b. We decided to have Fika in the staff room between regular meetings. The group decided it should be Wednesdays two weeks exactly from every regular meeting at 14:30. We will be starting in two weeks (9/12). We can take coffee/tea at the staff room and if someone wants to bring something edible to share it’s fine but we don’t order in especially. It should be an open group for anyone interested.
c. Åsa informed that she have got a mail from a Christina Sjögren who asked her to gives tips for gender equality for her employer, a local IT-company, and she suggested possible exchange of experiences on gender. This company were at UTNARM and the WomENcourage.
Suggestions from the group: ICM W can help. Can we start some cooperation (internships at the company)? Can they give guest lecture here? Adriaan can be a contact. They can come here or give an Open house for students? We can invite to a fika. We should make the cooperation visible for the department.

Plan for 2016’s work in the gender equality group
27 januari:
- Yearly visit from TekNat? Karin Stensjö will be there.
- Discuss and update the text for the gender equality projects on our web page.

17 februari: Better PhD Student Education for all (section 4.3 in the action plan)
- Present and discuss the plan for PhD retreat
- Present analysis of university wide survey with regards to PhD students

30 mars - APPLICATIONS and Gender Equality Aware Education that Creates a Better Learning Environment for All (section 4.2 in the action plan)
- Presentation of plan for meetups
- Presentation of plans for pedagogic lunch seminars.
- Presentation of discussions with teachers regarding gender awareness in introductory courses

27 april: A Better Understanding of the Gender Situation of Technical and Administrative Personnel (section 4.1 in the action plan)
- Presentation of interviews
- Presentation of analysis of survey

- Adriaan presents work with database

31 augusti - APPLICATIONS and Better PhD Student Education for all (section 4.3 in the action plan)
- Ulrike Schnaas comes and discusses the ideas behind the toolkit for PhD supervisors and plans the work with us.

5-6 october - retreat at Krusenberg - Enhance Capacity of the Gender Equality Group as Change Agents (section 4.5 in the action plan)
- Evaluation of the work in the group
- Plan for next year
- Resistance to change - Nina

28 oktober - APPLICATIONS

30 november - Supporting women in post docs, associate senior lecturers or senior lecturers positions (section 4.4 in the action plan)
- Division gender equality program
- Nina presents interviews
- Mats presents how the strategic research day went

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