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Department of Information Technology

1 Karin Stensjö from Teknat visited the meeting.
Åsa made a short presentation of the different areas of our IT gender equality plan. The group was urged to think over possible collaborations with TekNat.
Teknat will be invited to the date when we will discuss the FESTA toolkit for PhD-supervisors.
2 Organise feedback and discussion of the equal opportunities plan sent out by Ann-Sofie Wigg Bodin, se mail copied below (*)
The group decided to meet at the Fika-meeting on the 10/2 at 14:30 in 4308. Maria Andreina will organize comments and the reply to Ann-Sofie. The Plan can be found under Documents in the Equality Group at MP.
3 Discussion about nomination to the Equal Opportunities Award at the university. See attachment in the mail where the agenda is sent. Three suggestions came up and Åsa as well as Maria Andreina will write the text for the nominations, which will be sent to the members for comments.
4 Please remember our next meeting:
17 of February: Better PhD Student Education for all (section 4.3 in the action plan)
- Present and discuss the plan for PhD retreat
- Present analysis of university wide survey with regards to PhD students
- Åsa briefly presents interesting ideas from the workshop that she attended in Delft on inclusive supervision.
Åsa gave some miscellaneous information
- Åsa will be the department’s representative in a faculty work group for students for equal opportunities. There will be meetings in this group twice a semester.
- Christina Sjögren from IAR systems AB will come and visit us at one of our coffee breaks (the next fika is the 10 of February)
- On the 26th of January Helena Bernáld had an inclusive leadership and communication course with the PAP group, the heads of studies and the people in the steering group. 19 (!!) were attending the course. A follow up –meeting will be planned later this spring.
- New members in the group: Gunilla Kreiss is representing TDB and Mikael Laaksoharju is representing Vi2. Welcome both! ?
- The work with the plan for the gender equality projects at division level is progressing. More information will come later on.
- Funding organisations (at least ECT, Vinnova and Forte) now request for information about how the research projects will work with gender equality. Åsa has mailed Paula Wennberg from Luleå University of Technology who will come and give a seminar about gender equality aspects in research projects. Date was decided to be the 29/2 2016. A time will be announced later on. Paula Wennbergs seminar will probably be announced to the entire disciplinary domain Teknat as well.

- Mats notified that Google have started an equality blog.

(*) Mail from Ann-Sofie Wigg Bodin:
Uppsala University's Action Plan for Equal Opportunities 2014-2016 will undergo revision during spring 2016 in order to present a proposal for the coming three-year period from 2017 to 2019. The Council for Equal Opportunities is assigned to draw up a proposal for a revised action plan. The proposal will be sent to the University’s consultative bodies for submission for comments.

Earlier, when former plans were circulated, the consultative bodies submitted a number of proposals for improvements that was effected while other proposals, due to their character, had benefitted from being introduced at the beginning of the revision process and couldn’t be included in the action plan. The aim this time is to collect proposed actions before the draft is circulated in August in 2016.

The Council welcomes proposals from the gender equality groups/equivalent at the department level and gender equality groups/equivalent at faculty or disciplinary domain level. The current action plan is attached.

Work Environment Projects with gender focus
The gender equality group at the Department of Information Technology initiates a work project with gender focus. The intention is that over a period of years gradually implement the project within the different divisions.
A prerequisite for the work environment project is that divisions continuously work actively to seek candidates of the underrepresented sex at the announcement of employment.
The aim of the work environment project is to complement the recruitment efforts with measures that will increase the likelihood that employees of the underrepresented gender is experiencing a good work environment and will consider continued employment at the department.

When the project is carried out at a division, the concerned division will receive a financial contribution from the Performance Resource B.

The support consists of two parts:

1) Project grants 30 000 per year for up to two years for the division carrying out a work project with gender focus. The project is planned as follows:
a) The project will be planned by the head of division in consultation with the department's gender equality representative and gender experts from the university administration. The department's representative in the department's gender equality group may also have a role in the planning and implementation of the project.
b) Before the project starts, it shall be designed in a way that is in line with the department's gender equality plan and the university's equal opportunities plan. The project plan can include the use of gender experts from the university administration or from external organizations.
c) The project plan must be approved by the head of department before the project is funded.
d) After a year, the project is evaluated in writing by the head of the division and the department's gender equality officer. Project evaluation is the basis for the prefect's decision on support for another year.

2) There will be another contribution with 400 000 per year during the same period as project grants described above. The funds are at the division's disposal and may be used freely for activities within the department. The use need not have equality connections, and the grant constitutes an encouragement to the department work with the gender equality project.

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