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Department of Information Technology

Minutes Gender Equality Group, 17 of February 2016

The theme of the meeting is: Better PhD Student Education for all
(section 4.3 in the gender equality action plan)
Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez, Dave Clarke, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Åsa Cajander, Nina Almgren, Mikael Laaksoharju, Anne Peters, Victoria Catalán, Karolina Malm Holmgren, Elisabeth Lindqvist, Mats Daniels

1 Present and discuss the plan for PhD retreat
Anne Peters presented status on the project.
A fika was planned for female phd-students to find out the interest for a retreat for them, but with a disappointing result. Not one female phd-student came to the fika, Andreina was alone. Should retreat plans be cancelled? Is a retreat a too big project, better to have lunches/meetings?
• Should there be topics for the meetings or invite guest lectures?
Suggestions for topics:
• Future careers?
• How to get funding?
• Åsas keynotes for female students
• Helping networking, show that it is a disadvantage not to network.
• Book a harassment course by HR-division.
The group agreed with Anne and Andreina that they organize an open seminar / lunch. And develop it as it goes, if interest grows then make a retreat. Åsas keynote for female students could be presented there (“How is it to be a woman in computer sciences”).

Mikael suggested that a Hackathon for high-schoolgirls, to be organized by our female Phd-students.
We will continue discussing the retreat and hackathon at a later meeting.
2 Present analysis of university wide survey with regards to PhD students
Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez presented status on the project.

Maria Andreina has had no access to the survey yet. But this far the result showed that female Phd lack support / recognition from colleagues, lack in role models, otherwise happy with work environment etc. The Project continues.

3 Discussion: How is it going with the different areas of responsibility from the action plan?
Status of the gender equality projects at the different divisions + TA staff.
• Andreina : See above on survey. The other projects she is involved in is going well.
• Victoria: 1. Meetups with undergrad students in progress. 2. Planning the inspiration day for future female students going well. Trying not to be too ambitious, too much last year.
• Nina: Project on Resistance to change will start work in March.
• Mats: To include gender awareness in introductory course descriptions and other projects. In progress.
• Dave &Virginia: The project they got funding for: 1. Difference in grades between male and female students. They wanted to find out reasons why. 2. Can one change formats in labs, make it engaging for all and not preserve a “boys-club”. They also invited a female guest lecture (who was appointed IT-Woman of the year).
• Åsa: Gender Tool kit in progress.
• Anna-Lena&Karolina: The interviews of TA-staff is in progress.
4 Miscellaneous
• Status of the gender equality projects at the different divisions + TA personell: OK from prefect to fund TA-staff follow up project after the interviews.
• Åsa and Anna-Lena have been interviewed by Marika Ljungberg on diversity and equality at the IT-department for the publication Techna (UTN).

Information about our next meeting: 22 of March 13.30-15.30:
Theme: Applications and Gender Equality Aware Education that Creates a Better Learning Environment for All (section 4.2 in the action plan)
- Presentation of plan for meetups
- Presentation of plans for pedagogic lunch seminars.
- Presentation of discussions with teachers regarding gender awareness in introductory course

1) Seminar on Gender and Equal Opportunities Descriptions in Applications to Funding Organisations such as VINNOVA, VR och FORTE

Funding organisations such as Vinnova, VR and Forte now require a gender and equal opportunities perspective. When applying for funding we hence need to describe how we incorporate gender and equal opportunities in the project work, such as in tests. We also need to describe how the project team from a gender and the equal opportunities perspective, and also the contribution of the mix of gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. One should note that the assessment of the applications is based on the strength of the gender and equal opportunities perspective in the project description. In this seminar we will discuss how to set up projects that are strong from a gender and equal opportunities perspective, and we will be provided with concrete examples of such project descriptions. The seminar will have the area of Information technology as a starting point, but much of the discussions and examples will be relevant for all areas within science and technology.

Paula Wennberg, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) Luleå tekniska universitet, is creator and manager of CDT Innovation and Gender Platform with participants from academia and industry. She developes together with her colleagues and gender researchers tools and methods for gender mainstreaming in practice and integrates gender dimension in R&D funding applications.
Date: 29th of February
Time: 13.15-15
Room: Häggsalen at Ångström
Deadline for signing up to the seminar: 22th of february
For further information please contact: Åsa Cajander, or Anna-Lena Forsberg,
Coffee, fruit and some cake will be served at the seminar.

2) There will be a follow up course for leaders in June of the inclusive leadership course by Helena Bernald.

3) Åsa will present and discuss the non-satisfactory trend of PhD recruitments with the management team (ledningsgrupp).

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