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Department of Information Technology

Minutes Gender Equality Group, Friday 28th of October 2016

Present: Åsa Cajander, Virginia Grande, Mats Daniels, Mikael Laaksoharju, Karolina Malm-Holmgren, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Sholeh Yasini, Huu-Phuc Vo.

The theme of the meeting is: Applications for “Organizing events related to gender equality, and development projects related to Gender Equality”

1 Applications

This time we had no applications.

2 Evaluation of the model for funding gender equality projects

We had a session with post-it notes and there were many ideas about improving the model. First of all we are concerned that there are very few applications for projects about “Organizing events related to gender equality, and development projects related to Gender Equality” compared to “Visiting female researchers, gender and transgender related education”.
• We need to bring information about funding of gender equality projects to the divisions.
• Mikael will make a Power Point presentation about proposals from the past for inspiration.
• Anna-Lena will improve visibility for the Gender Equality funding on the web page.
• The student representatives of the group will inform students at the department of the funding opportunities.

3 Gender Equality Plan 2017

We talked about how the work with the plan has progressed and how Åsa can get help from the group in the work.

4 Miscellaneous

• Round the table: How are things going with work in the different areas of the Gender Equality Plan? We talked mostly about the database and the new law which states that one must have the informed consent when adding anyone to any kind of list.
• Suggestions of fika meeting topics were: continue discussion from last time (Mikael), highlights from Festa-ending (Åsa), welcoming letter (Virginia).

5 Information about our next meetings:

30 November - Supporting women in post docs, associate senior lecturers or senior lecturers positions (section 4.4 in the action plan)
- Ulrike Schnaas comes and discusses the ideas behind the toolkit for PhD supervisors and plans the work with us.
- Division gender equality program
- Nina presents interviews
- Mats presents how the strategic day went

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