Department of Information Technology

Minutes Gender Equality Group, Wednesday 30th of November

Present: Åsa Cajander on Skype, Virginia Grande, Mats Daniels (chair today), Mikael Laaksoharju, Karolina Malm-Holmgren, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Sara Gustavsson, Nina Almgren.

1 Applications

The group discussed the application from Sara Gustavsson about DataTjej-conference 2017. We agreed it was an important event to support and decided that we are interested in supporting one of the three inspiration lecturers. We suggested that Sara writes a new application with some alterations. Since our next meeting is last week of January and the DataTjej-conference is in February the group could discuss it through mail and have a suggestion for decision to Michael Thuné during December.

2 Nina Almgren presents interviews

Due to lack of time Nina suggested that she can come next meeting and present the interviews.

3 Short presentation of the Gender Equality Projects at the different divisions

Åsa and Nina presented the result of the meeting held with the division heads last week. CSD and Docs have some difficulties in getting started. Åsa is assigned to report progress in the Steering Committee of the Department soon. This might help to trigger activities.

4 Miscellaneous

Mats debriefed the group on the presentation of the plan for the board last week. The board finalized it with some minor changes. It is now being translated to English by Åsa.

Our next meeting will be Friday 27th January 2017 because Wednesday that week was not suitable. Dates for 2017 and the schedule for the calls for applications for Gender Equality Projects 2017 will be announced soon.

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