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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 2020-08-26

Theme of the meeting: Supporting equal opportunities aware research

Present at the Zoom-meeting were: Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Johannes Borgström, Nils Daniels, Eva Breznik.

There were no application for funding this time.

1. Supporting equal opportunities aware research:

New call for funding to support how to formulate and work with aspects related to Equal Opportunities in research projects proposals
Coordinator: Ginevra, Gunilla, Thiemo.

  • A group is created, members incl. Thiemo and Gunilla.
  • Invite representative from Vinnova to tell us about EO-projects funded by Vinnova.

2. Follow up from previous meetings:

  • Maintain Google list of possible speakers for EO-fikas.
  • Plan for 10/9: Murtazo Nazarov was invited to tell us about EO-project at TDB, but it had to be postponed because of the memorial for Kjell Orsborn, which was scheduled at the same date and time. Murtazo will come to the next fika on the 15/10 at 15:15.

3. The retreat:

Will be at Eklundshof on the 21/9.

4. Update the call:

The calls for Sept-Nov is updated so that the deadline in August is now 14/9 and the deadline in October is now 18/11.

Next meeting after the retreat is 28/10 14:30-15:30. A Zoom-link will be sent out.

Take care

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