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Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 201028

Theme of the meeting: Supporting equal opportunities aware research
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Märta Haeggström, Liselott Dominicus, Johannes Borgström, Nils Daniels, Helena Frestadius, Ulrika Jaresund.

1. Supporting equal opportunities aware research:

The groups input on planning the Department’s Strategy Day for Research with focus on Equal Opportunities in spring 2021.

  • Collaboration with the Gender of Research Center. Kristina Andersson and Helena Wahlström Henriksson is coming to our fika on 12/11 for a discussion on ideas.
  • Vinnova’s perspective on E O.
  • How can we support projects with our budget?
  • Panel discussions with experts
  • How encourage PhD-students to join the Strategy Day and make them feel welcome? Important that the PhD-representatives in the E.O-group picks up signals from the PhD-students and brings forward urgent issues.

2. Enhance capacity of the Equal Opportunities group to work as change agents

Speakers for coming equal opportunities fikas:

  • November 12: Kristina Andersson from Centre of Gender Research about possible collaborations in projects studying our work environment at the Department.
  • December 10: Carla Puglia, International Science Programme.

3. Other

A suggestion to view the film: “Picture a scientist”. Ginevra will look into the cost of getting a viewing license so that we can see the film.

Next meeting is 25/11 14:30-16:00. A Zoom-link will be sent out.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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