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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 201125

Theme of the meeting: Career development from an equal opportunities perspective
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Johannes Borgström, Ulrika Jaresund, Gunilla Kreiss, Thiemo Voigt, David Sumpter, Karolina Malm-Holmgren.

1. Career development from an equal opportunities perspective:

  • Plan retreat to write applications for promotion. Coordinator: Gunilla. 2 retreats were arranged before for female associate senior lecturers and senior lecturers. At the moment the department has no female associate senior lecturers. It would be better to target staff in the early career, of any gender. Combined with the following point:
  • An early career faculty program is already in use in the department. How can the EO-group interact with this?
  • Projects related to gender and work environment at divisions. The project of Vi2 is still ongoing.

2. The equal opportunity plan for 2021:

  • A better gender situation for T and A personnel: Ulrika J and Nils will together with Karolina investigate further actions on this point.

3. Projects proposals

  • David Sumpter has applied for a development project on equal opportunities (project title: “Spelar kön roll? en kvalitativ studie om kommunikation, interaktion och beslutsfattande i ledningsgruppen” to conduct at the Division of Systems and Control, in collaboration with researchers at the Centre for Gender Studies of Uppsala University (Anita Hussénius, Kristina Andersson, Helena Wahlström Henriksson). David seeks funding to cover the salaries of the researchers at the Centre for Gender Studies. The project will be discussed at the next Department Strategies Day with a focus on equal opportunities.

The group believes that the application should be granted and the full salaries costs paid, even if up to know we have set the limit to 75 000kr. The motivation is that this is a very interesting project that has the potential to benefit not only the Division of Systems and Control, but the Department as a whole, and is in line with the plans of the equal opportunities group.
Proposal for decision: grant 270 270 kronor including indirect costs.
The Head of department granted the requested funds.

4. Other

Speakers for coming equal opportunities fikas:

  • December 10: Carla Puglia, International Science Programme.
  • January: Lecture on diversity. Helena F will share her experience of the lecture by Paul B.

Next time we meet is the fika on the 10/12 15:15. A Zoom-link will be sent out.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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