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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 210127

Theme of the meeting: Enhance capacity of the equal opportunities group to work as change agents
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Johannes Borgström, Ulrika Jaresund, Gunilla Kreiss, Thiemo Voigt, Nils Daniels, Sofia Alfsson, Helena Frestadius, Virginia Grande.

1. Enhance capacity of the equal opportunities group to work as change agents:

Professor Åsa Cajander will talk on the next EO fika 11/2 about her experience of being the EO-advisor to the vice chancellor.

2. Diversity aware education that creates a better learning environment for all:

• Nina Almgren is helping the department to find a suitable procured teacher for a diversity awareness lecture in BSc and MSc introductory courses at the IT department. The lecture could be supplemental to existing EO components in the course plans and be well integrated in the education.
• Ginevra have talked to the Teknat’s EO group on a recommendation to include a diversity awareness lecture in all faculty BSc and MSc introductory courses.
• Invite a MSc/BSc coordinator to a EO fika.

3. Supporting equal opportunities aware research:

• Update on the planning of the next Strategy Day with EO focus. There is a group working on the planning but has yet nothing more concrete than before. The date is yet to be decided.

• Tommy Schönberg from Vinnova will be invited to the Strategy Day.

• As well as someone from the Centre for Gender Research at UU.

4. Other

Expand the call for proposals?
Suggestion: Funding short studies or research with EO aspects, such as paying the salary for a student or a postdoc. The group was positive to this idea, as long as it is within the frameworks of the labor legislations and regulations that is applicable to Uppsala University.
The group discussed also:
• how to make EO awareness more visible and how to find/make an arena visible to all,
• if EO could fund writing applications with EO focus to Vinnova,
• fund a retreat to write such applications,
• how to encourage student participation
• how to express oneself more accurately in job advertisements and not to scare off applicants from a minority, and what is the meaning of the phrase “personal capability”.

Speakers for coming equal opportunities fikas:

• February 11: At 15:15: Professor Åsa Cajander. She will talk about being the EO advisor to the Vice Chancellor. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all.

Next meeting is:

• February 17: Meeting 14:30-15:30. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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