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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 210217

Theme of the meeting: Enhance capacity of the equal opportunities group to work as change agents
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Thiemo Voigt, Nils Daniels, Sofia Alfsson, Hanna Gjöthlén, Dilushi Piumwardane, Leslie Solorzano.

1. Enhance capacity of the equal opportunities group to work as change agents:

• Swedish fika. Leslie and Eva are interested in continuing. Difficult to say how and when. Further planes are to be outlined.
• Include successful projects on the website: Ginevra has a draft for 4 projects.
• Update call for projects: Development projects related to E O. We will keep salary for 2 months, change to max 150 000 SEK. Add “typically” so that larger projects can be considered if a good application comes in. This is also relevant for Equal Opportunities Related Education. We will keep the phrase: “Join the Equal opportunities group meeting at which your application is to be discussed, to offer additional information and clarifications if needed.” But it will be optional.
* Ginevra will investigate if a call for support of travel to conferences for employees on parental leave, is possible.
• Spreading calls for projects on screens. Ginevra investigates if Liviana or Victor can help.
• Fika topics March 11: Ann-Sofie Wigg-Bodin from the HR-division might be able to join. This is however uncertain so far.

2. Diversity aware education that creates a better learning environment for all:

• Finding a suitable procured teacher for a diversity awareness lecture in BSc and MSc introductory courses at the IT department. Ginevra talked to Nina Almgren who continues the search for a teacher. Two names came up with the expertise that is close enough compared to the last teacher, hopefully.
• Ginevra have talked to the Teknat’s EO group on a recommendation to include a diversity awareness lecture in all faculty BSc and MSc introductory courses.
• Invite a MSc/BSc coordinator to a EO fika.

3. Supporting gender mainstreaming work at the Department:

• Integrating Equal Opportunities in all aspects of the University. Outline a project on how the EO Indicators in GLIS can be used to support the gender mainstreaming work at the Department. Responsible: Ginevra and Gunilla.

Speakers for coming equal opportunities fikas:

• March 11: Perhaps Ann-Sofie Wigg-Bodin, HR-division.

Next meeting is:

• March 24: Meeting 14:30-16:00. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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