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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 210324

Theme of the meeting: Better PhD student education for all
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Thiemo Voigt, Nils Daniels, Sofia Alfsson, Hanna Gjöthlén, Ulrika Jaresund, Liselott Dominicus van den Bussche, Helena Frestadius, Tina Vrieler.

We had no applications this time.

1. Better PhD student education for all:

• Ginevra have talked to the Teknat’s EO group and Nina Almgren about adding equal opportunities aspects to Teknat’s PhD supervision course. There are already equal opportunities aspects in the mandatory supervisor courses. Ginevra however finds that there are no equal opportunities aspects in the PhD student courses and that we try to should push for it. Ginevra gave the group some good examples from KTH. All education from ground level to PhD-level in all programs have integrated equality aspects in KTH.
• Follow up on PhD students recruitment processes at the Department, by Gunilla and David. Since David were not able to attend Gunilla gave a summary of ideas.

2. Other:

• Updates on “A better gender situation for technical and administrative (TA) personnel”. The harassment techniques study circle which was a part of the Equal Opportunites Plan for a few years is now removed by Lina from the plan.

• Updates from Teknat meeting for Equal Opportunities officers March 2021. Two questions discussed at the meeting: Are there gender aware processes in the nomination of grants, such as KAW fellowships and projects. Who is encouraged to apply? Are research resources distributed with a gender perspective? These are suitable discussion points for our retreat 2021.

• Department Research Strategy Day with focus on equal opportunities will happen on 15/4 13:15-15:00 online.
• Picture a Scientist
• Statistics with gender focus
• Biases discussion

• Investigate the possibility for a lecture on equal opportunities aspects in Msc and Bsc courses. Ginevra have found two teachers who can replace Paul: Martin Holmberg and Eric Sönnert. 5 out of 7 programs have expressed interest so far.

Next equal opportunities fikas: 15/4 at 15:15:

• A follow up on the Strategy Day.

Speakers for coming equal opportunities fikas:

• May 12: Steffi Knorn from the Department of Electrical Engineering. Steffi will talk about gender imbalance.
• June 2 or 3: Karin Schönning from the Department of Physics. Karin will talk about Equal Opportunities and unconscious bias.

Next meeting is:

• April 28: Meeting 14:30-15:30. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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