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Department of Information Technology


Equal Opportunities Group Meeting 210428

Theme of the meeting: Supporting equal opportunities aware research
Present at the Zoom-meeting were Ginevra Castellano, Anna-Lena Forsberg, Gunilla Kreiss, Thiemo Voigt, Nils Daniels, Sofia Alfsson, Liselott Dominicus van den Bussche, Helena Frestadius, David Sumpter, Ivar Bennemo.

1. Follow up on the Department’s strategy day for research:

  • The group discussed the strategy day.

2. Other:

  • Feedback on document on Teknat’s vision and strategies.

The group discussed widening the term “internationalization”.

Coming equal opportunities fikas:

  • On 12/5: Steffi Knorn, at the Department of Engineering Sciences. She will talk on the theme “Gender imbalance in engineering”.
  • On 2/6: Karin Schönning, at the Department of Physics. Her talk is called “Dandelion scientists, gender traps in the PhD education”.
  • On 9/9: The project at Systems and Control, by David Sumpter.

Next meeting is:

  • May 26: Meeting 14:30-15:30. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all. This the last meeting for the spring. We hope for some applications, by then, to discuss.

Take care /Anna-Lena

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