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Department of Information Technology

Minutes Equal Opportunities Group - Meeting 16-02-2022

Present: Ginevra Castellano, Ulrika Jaresund, Nina Bondarenko, Thiemo Voigt, Johannes Borgström, David Sumpter, Lars Oestreicher, Anna-Lena Forsberg

1) Enhance capacity of the equal opportunities group to work as change agents

(1) Plan for active measures on how to prevent harassment:

(1.1) Disseminate the produced video on harassment in each division; (coordinator: Ginevra and all Division representatives) In progress.

(1.2) Create page on Department’s website including summary of process to report harassment and link to video; (coordinator: Ginevra to discuss with Victor Kuismin) Ginevra talked to Lina and she is OK with this.

(1.3) Add information on posters and screens; (coordinator: Ginevra to discuss with Victor Kuismin) Ginevra and Victor is working on this.

(1.4) Input to Head of Department: Include information on harassment in staff meetings; (coordinator: Ginevra) Ginevra and Lina is working on this.

(1.5) Discuss with Head of Education about organising a Training day for TAs on discrimination and harassment and ask Martin Holmberg to organise a seminar on this; (coordinator: Ginevra) Tobias is positive. The group discussed the question about EO group supporting TA’s salaries and found that UGA should fund them and not EO-funding. It should be integrated into the TA’s work, and not be seen as something extra.

(1.6) Input to Head of Department: make clear what is the process when action needs to be taken following report of harassment; (coordinator: Ginevra) Ginevra has talked to Lina about it.

2) Support gender mainstreaming work at the Department

2.1 Identify research areas well represented in terms of gender around the world and investigate possibility to announce guest professor in such area, including what funding can be used to support this (coordinator: David) The application for the recruiting of Abeba Birhane which the group supported will not happen, she decided not to take up the position after all. We should move forward. Maybe announce postdoc positions with EO-money in ethical AI or AI with social impact, broadly across the department. Maybe try to find female researchers in male dominated areas? How can we attract people from industry? Thiemo and David can work together on these ideas. Have a look at who gets VR-grants (in HCI). David will write a proposal for the postdoc ad.

2.2 Follow up on instructions for search groups provided to the Head of Department; if approved by the Management Group, consider to revise instructions to include the need to explain in search group report if there is gender balance in the field and discuss gender aspects (coordinator: Ginevra, all)

2.3 Follow up on checklist on how to write job advertisements from an equal opportunities perspective and disseminate use to Department (coordinator: Ginevra, all) Ginevra contacted Teknats’s EO-group. Work ongoing.

2.4 Discuss whether a follow up to gender mainstreaming project on gender indicators at the Department in relation to distribution of research resources is needed (coordinator: Ginevra, all) A meeting with Robin, Lina, Gunilla, A report and statistics available soon. Another Strategy Day with focus on Gender is planned.

3) Best PhD student education for all

Investigate the possibility to create a course on equal opportunities based on equal opportunities seminars (coordinator: David) One PhD-student will be asked to coordinate using part of the departmental duties for this (reducing the teaching load). Organize a course, series of speakers, have contact with the speakers. David can talk to the Fuaps about the course. David can write a proposal for the course.

4) Supporting equal opportunities aware research

Investigate possibility to organise strategy day on equal opportunities inviting researchers from gender research (coordinator: Ginevra, all) Speakers from Gender studies could be invited.

5) Next equal opportunities fikas

17/3: Malin Göteman, Associate Professor and Equal Opportunities Officer at the Department of Electrical Engineering, will speak about a covid survey from an equal opportunities perspective they did at their department

Next meeting

is 23/3 14:30-16:00 Will be physically in room 106157 (behind the kitchen).

Stay safe

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