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Gender Equality Group Meeting 29 May 2013 12:00-13:00

Room 4306

Tobias Wrigstad,
Ida-Maria Sintorn,
Elisabet Linnér,
Karolina Malm-Holmgren,
Lars-�ke Nordén,
Tilde Pentikäinen,
Takakao Kawamura,
Anna-Lena Forsberg,
Jonas Flodin,
Edit Ngai

The date for the next meeting is changed from 26/6 to 19/6 since not all can be present due to vacation.

4:1. Visibility to female researchers

Aim: Attracting female guest lecturers
The group decided that a contribution of 50% of travel expenses up to 5000 SEK and 50% of honorarium up to 5000 SEK can be paid to a female guest researcher.
There is 500 000 SEK to spend.

4:2. Conference progress

(by Elisabet Linnér)
Aim: to provide opportunities for female scientists.
Female speakers will be invited to the conference.
The group for planning of the conference is Andreina, Sofia Cassel, Takako and Elisabet. But due to sick leave and work overload the work has been delayed.
180 000 SEK is in the budget for the conference, but more sponsor money is welcome. This budget is not enough to pay for the group member´s time. If the divisions could contribute by offering working time for the group members the planning of the conference could be finished and hopefully have the conference the 8th of March 2014.
Tobias will be the calling person for a meeting to resolve this.

Inspiration day last week

(by Tilde Pentikäinen)
Target group was female students who could be interested in applying to the programs at the Department. Only 3 appeared, but it was a good start anyhow. There is a need for better planning next time though. It is good if we can catch both the students who have applied already to prevent them from choosing another of their choices, as well as students who might consider applying for our programs.

4:3. Database of female scientists

(by Takako Kawamura)
It is a database (Excel file) covering the whole world, the 100 top universities. There are now 3500 names in the list. It is a tool for recruiting. We can match female scientists with the competence we need to our profiles and ask them to apply for our open positions. Johan (master student) is currently working at it as his exjob to give it a graphic interface.
More databases could be integrated; there is "Research gate", "google scolars". Already it has come to use and some female scientists in the database have been approached in order to invite them to apply for open positions at the department.
L-Ã?: "Data mining" is a tool for finding PhD-students soon to finish their PhD. Good way to catch them before anyone else does.

5. Proposals for projects

5:1. Female postdoc sponsoring?

Could funding (100 000 SEK) from the Gender group be used to pay parts of a female postdocs salary?
The group discussed the issue. The feelings were that it is a difficult question and that it might be possible if it is a limited time but they are expected to come up with financing themselves. Perhaps as a help on the way if she comes with her own money. It could be a way for positive discrimination, since "more women attracts more women". However a more urgent issues is to not only attract female scientists but to make them stay. Many PhD leave Sweden and Uppsala for more attractive research environments. The division needs to have a strong arguments to get the money for the salary for the postdoc, such as to attract an excellent female scholar who otherwise would not come here, and not just to make it cheaper.
A better idea is to use the money for an invitation of some future PhD-students to visit for a month or two or for attending conferences.

Following points from the agenda will be moved to the next meeting as time runs out.

5:2 Ã?sa Cajander: Leadership course for women

6: Change the name of the group to "Lika villkor"?

7: Misc

Secretary: Anna-Lena Forsberg

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