Department of Information Technology


Head of Department, as well as chairman of the board, is Lina von Sydow (since July 1, 2018). Deputy Head of Department (since Jan 1, 2019) is Bengt Carlsson.

Board members are elected every three years. Board meeting minutes are available. (In Swedish only.)

The Steering Group handles daily management and execution of the board's decisions. Members of the group are: Head of Department, Heads of Divisions, Head of Education, Head of Research, Coordinators for the administrative group and the system support group, Public Relation Officer, Economist and Personnel Administrator. The Steering Group has meetings every week.

The research at the department is divided into five divisions (subdepartments):

The departments education administration is handled by the Student Office (IT-kansliet).

List of groups that manage daily activities of the IT Department.

For information about postal or visiting addresses, directions how to get to the department and search for staff, see the Contact page.

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