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Department of Information Technology

CBA People

All personell associated with CBA positioned at the Division Vi3 are listed below. Welcome to come and meet us at Ångström Laboratory, building 10, floor 4!

In addition to the list below, there are numerous collaborators at other Departments, Universities, non-academic institutions who are affiliated with CBA.

Information about CBA alumni is available on request from the Director of CBA.

Name Position E-mail
Sladoje, Nataša Director of CBA, Professor natasa.sladoje @
Allalou, Amin Researcher amin.allalou @
Andersson, Axel PhD Student axel.andersson @
Avenel, Christophe Bioinformatician christophe.avenel @
Behanova, Andrea PhD Student andrea.behanova @
Bengtsson, Ewert Professor Emeritus ewert.bengtsson @
Bengtsson Bernander, Karl PhD Student karl.bengtsson_bernander @
Bezek, Can Deniz PhD Student can.deniz.bezek @
Borgefors, Gunilla Professor Emerita gunilla.borgefors @
Chatterjee, Swarnadip PhD Student swarnadip.chatterjee @
Chelebian Kocharyan, Eduard PhD Student eduard.chelebian @
Denkin, Roman PhD Student
Fraile Fabrega, Marc PhD Student marc.fraile.fabrega @
Gupta, Anindya Guest Researcher anindya.gupta @
Gupta, Ankit PhD Student ankit.gupta @
Göksel, Orcun Associate Professor orcun.goksel @
Hallström, Erik PhD Student erik.hallstrom @
Hast, Anders Professor anders.hast @
Kiselman, Christer Oscar Professor Emeritus kiselman @
Klemm, Anna Bioinformatician anna.klemm @
Koriakina, Nadezhda PhD Student nadezhda.koriakina @
Lindblad, Joakim Professor joakim.lindblad @
Malakhova, Diana Guest Researcher diana.malakhova @
Malmberg, Filip Associate Professor filip.malmberg @
Nordling, Love Guest PhD Student love.nordling @
Nysjö, Fredrik Bioinformatician fredrik.nysjo @
Nyström, Ingela Professor ingela.nystrom @
Singh, Nikita Application Expert nikita.singh @
Sintorn, Ida-Maria Professor ida.sintorn @
Strand, Robin Professor robin.strand @
Windhager, Jonas Bioinformatician
Wählby, Carolina Professor carolina.wahlby @
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