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Department of Information Technology

Contact - persons and functions

Head of department

Lina von Sydow, +46 (0)18 471 2785,
Robin Strand, Deputy Head of dept., +46 (0)18 471 3469 ,

Head of Research

Pierre Flener,

Head of Education

Tobias Wrigstad, +46 (0)18 - 471 1072,


Lists sorted by task.

Head of Divisions


Jakob Piehl is registrar at the department. Deputies are Elisabeth Lindqvist and Loreto Skoknic.
E-mail for letters to registrar .

Please note that undergraduate students asking for registration to courses should contact Student service


Archivist for the department is Loreto Skoknic.

Student services including counselling

See their web page.

Director of PhD studies

Ingela Nyström, +46 (0)18 - 471 3470,


Contact for collaboration Ida-Maria Sintorn webpage

Equal Opportunites group

See special page.

Contact person for diversity issues (mångfaldsfrågor)

Anna-Lena Forsberg

Contact person for gender-related violations

Anna-Lena Forsberg


Environmental officer

Media contact

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