Department of Information Technology

Contact - persons and functions

Head of department

Michael Thuné, +46 (0)18 471 2981,
Lina von Sydow, Deputy Head of dept., +46 (0)18 471 2785,

Head of Research

Gunilla Kreiss,

Head of Education

Aletta Nylén, +46 (0)18 - 471 7122,


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Head of Divisions


Elisabeth Lindqvist is registrar at the department. Substitute is Loreto Skoknic.
E-mail for letters to registrar are .


Archivist for the department is Loreto Skoknic.

Student services

See their web page.

Student advisors

See their web page.

Director of undergraduate studies

Director of PhD studies

Pierre Flener, +46 (0)18 - 471 1028,

Gender equity group

See special page.

Contact person for diversity issues (mångfaldsfrågor)

Anna-Lena Forsberg

Contact person for gender-related violations

Anna-Lena Forsberg or Karolina Malm Holmgren

Director/ Research centers

Environmental officer

Media contact

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