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Department of Information Technology

Advanced Interaction Design

spring 2008 / 1MD001 / 5 hp

Formal description of the course
Main teacher
Lars Oestreicher
Elina Eriksson, Erik Borälv and Jan Gulliksen.
Aletta Nylén.
Other questions and tutoring
Lars Oestreicher, Elina Eriksson.


  • 24 April: Results have been sent to each student via e-mail. If you have followed the course and not received such an e-mail. Please get in touch with Jan Gulliksen.
  • 22 Feb: Last lecture been announced in schedule. Guest lecture from industry.
  • 12 Feb: Numbering of assignments have been changed in the schedule.
  • 25 Jan: Slides on creativity.pdf.
  • 24 Jan: Since there is some problem accessing Studentportalen, the slides from the first lecture is here: Lecture slides, An example Pecha-Kucha and The template you should use. Hand in the assignment through mail to both Lars and Elina if you cannot access the file area att Studentportalen.
  • 17 jan: The first version of the course page is launched.

About the course

Start and Schedule

The course starts week 4, and ends week 14.
Here is a schedule Schedule.

Help and Contact Info


This is an assignment intensive course that requires active involvement. Examination through individual hand-in assignments.

Hand-in Assignments

Assignments dates are shown in the schedule, assignment descriptions are given in lecture notes handed out through Studentportalen. Assignments should be handed in, if not otherwise stated, through Studentportalen.


Results of your assignments can be obtained from the teachers, ask at lecture.

Course Literature

Designing Interactions av Bill Moggrigde, MIT Press, ISBN: 978-0-262-13474-3

Some articles, more information at course start.

Lecture Notes and Reading Instructions

Slides from the lectures will appear at Studentportalen.
Reading instructions will appear at the schedule.

Course evaluation

Answer the course evaluation through the web-based course evaluation.
The course evaluation will appear here when created.

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