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Department of Information Technology
Project #1
  • Title: Creation of data base for three-dimensional acceleration data
  • Team : Emil Danielsson, Jakob Edberger Persson, Göran Iliev
  • here

Project #2

  • Title: Automated detection of reindeer in aerial photos and film
  • Team : Carolina Nilsson, Moa-Li Lekander, Valter Wagner Zethrin

Project #3

  • Title: Software optimization and parallel computing of social network construction in dairy cows
  • Team : Elias Estensen, Arvid , Alexander Palfelt

Project #4

  • Title: Dynamic social networks in dairy cows
  • Team : Dap de Bruijckere, Emil Helmryd Grosfilley, Junjie Chu

Project #5

  • Title: Detecting and measuring synchronized behaviour in a dairy herd
  • Team : Max Mesch Karlsson, Samuel Rosén, Marcus Bonnedahl

Project #6

  • Title: Hotspot prediction of Covid-19 in Region Uppsala
  • Team : Aikaterini Manousidou, Johanna Sundberg, Martina Lundberg, Amanda Seger

Project #7

  • Title: PDE-constrained optimization using physics-informed neural networks
  • Team : Joel Olofsson, Gabriel Evensen, Jerker Kanon, Isak Voltaire

Project #8

  • Title: Adjoint-based inverse modelling of an acoustic material
  • Team : Andreas Eriksson, Erik Thermaenius

Project #11

  • Title: Object classification with machine learning (CNN) with a focus on understanding transfer learning techniques
  • Team : Måns Bengtson, Oskar Anderhagen Holmes, Oscar Holmqvist

Project #12

  • Title: A Modern Toolkit to Understand the Visible Universe
  • Team : Ben Bucknall, Faizullina Kamilla

Project #13

  • Title: High-dimensional machine learning using multi-level parallellisation
  • Team : Julián Ramón Marrades Furquet

Project #15

  • Title: Studying the Effects of Training Data Distribution on Neural Network Summary Statistics of Stochastic Time Series
  • Team : Erik Turesson, Niklas Kavathatzopoulos, Johan Slagbrand

Project #18

  • Title: Point kinetics with temperature feedbacks
  • Team : John Danielsson, Victoria Sedig

Project #19

  • Title: Goal-oriented adaptive FEM for option pricing with duality-based a posteriori estimates
  • Team : Anton Sjöstrom, Filip Marttala, Philip Isaac

Project #20

  • Title: Magnetic divergence cleaning methods in Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Team : Matilda Tiberg, David Niemela, Anton Waltgård

Project #22

  • Title: Scaling inverse factorization iterations
  • Team : Omar Ghulam Ahmed Malik, Ismail Aso Abbas, Daniel Berggren

Project #24

  • Title: Feasibility study for a next generation cold gas thruster for CubeSat propulsion systems
  • Team : Joel Bjervig, Nils Gumaelius

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