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Course material

There is no course litterature for the OS and OSPP courses. Most of the theoretical material for both courses will be presented or linked to from this webpage. This includes:

  • slides available in the course slide repository
  • files linked to from this course homepage
  • files avaialable in the file area in the Student portal (OS or OSPP).

Much of the material will be only briefly presented. If you want more extensive explanations, you must find this yourself in a book, on the Internet or elsewere. For some parts, you are expected to search for and study information on certain topics on your own.

If you are looking for a book covering the topics of the course, there are not a single book that we recommend but rather a set of standard texts on the different subjects of the course.

  • A standard text on operating system is Operating Systems Concepts by Silberschatz et. al. Some resources related to this book can be found here.

  • There are also several free books on these topics that can be found on the Internet. As this course is an introduction to central concepts, any introduction-level book should be sufficient.