Department of Information Technology

Admission Procedure

To become a PhD student according to the general procedure, you need to do two things: first apply for an open PhD position and then apply for PhD studies. Please note that scholarships as well as employment in industry or at another university are special cases.

The PhD Position (the employment)

A PhD position is normally a 5-year employment as a PhD student. Such a position will be advertised only when funding is available, which can be any time of the year, and you then find the advertisement at and at To apply for an open PhD position, you normally need to submit:

  • Cover letter
  • Full CV
  • Certificates of your previous study results (courses, grades, and credit points)
  • Documents indicating the contents of the courses you have taken (e.g., literature lists, brief listings of contents, etc.)
  • Contact information for soliciting letters of reference
  • Your MSc thesis, or a draft thereof, if you apply with an MSc degree.

The deadline will be specified in the advertisement. The application is sent in electronically.

To find out more about the accommodation policy at the Department of Information Technology, please contact Anna-Lena Forsberg or Ulrika Andersson.

If you get a PhD position, then you apply to the graduate programme, as discussed next.

The PhD Studies (the education)

To be admitted to the graduate programme, you need to fill in the following documents:

  • Application form (the standard form provided by the university must be used): The application form is filled in by the student.
  • Individual Study Plan (the standard form provided by the Faculty of Science and Technology must be used): This document should be set up by the advisors and the student in agreement. One part of the study plan is the Economical Plan for how the graduate student will be funded during the period of study: this section of the Individual Study Plan should be filled in by the advisors.

Both forms are available at the faculty web.


  • The two documents mentioned above should, together with a copy of the applicant's degree/certificate/diploma from a basic degree or higher education, be handed to Ulrika Andersson or Anna-Lena Forsberg.
  • Ulrika and Anna-Lena will then hand all the documents to the Head of Department, who will take the final decision about admitting the student.
  • When signed by the Head of Department, the documents will be sent to the Faculty of Science and Technology by Ulrika Andersson or Anna-Lena Forsberg. The applicant will then be registered as a PhD student in Uppdok, the university's database for student administration.
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