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Classical Articles in Numerical Analysis

In this graduate course we shall together read a number of journal articles with great impact in numerical analysis. A similar course was first given by Nick Trefethen at Cornell University in 1993, and has been given on several occasions at TDB in Uppsala and at NADA at KTH since 1996.

For each article there will be a group consisting of three students. One student will act as the group leader and the other two students will act as workers. Each group will make a 40 minutes presentation of the present article

  • All group members work together on the presentation, but the group leader is in charge of the work and is responsible for the presentation. The group leader is also responsible for the historical background to the article and the information about the author(s) (that should be included in the presentation). The group leader will not participate in the implementation of the numerical experiments (see below).
  • The two workers are responsible for providing an overview of the scientific contents (targeting the math and numerical analysis) without going into too much detail (that should be included in the presentation). The two workers are also responsible for performing relevant numerical experiments (that should be included in the presentation).

The presentation of an article is ended by a discussion (10-15 minutes).

The course gives 7.5 credit points to everyone who actively participates in the presentations and the discussions and is present at all meetings. We meet four times in room 2414b. All four meetings will include 3 articles. All participating students act once as group leader and twice as workers. The dates (and times) for the meetings are:

  • 9/4 between 9-12.20 (coffee break 10.00-10.20).
  • 29/4 between 13-16.15 (coffee break 15.00-15.15).
  • 21/5 between 9-12.20 (coffee break 10.00-10.20).
  • 11/6 between 9-12.20 (coffee break 10.00-10.20).

The schedule of the course (including the list of articles) is found here:
Classical Articles in Numerical Analysis 2015
Projects 2015

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