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Department of Information Technology

Presentation of Thesis Projects

How is the presentation evaluated

The evaluation of the presentation and opposition is described here.

How to book a presentation

To book a presentation slot you need an approvment from your reviewer. A preliminary version of your report, approved by your reviewer, must be available no later than two weeks before the presentation. Send a mail to to request a presentation slot. The slots available are listed below.

The presentation should be given in English or in Swedish and it should be approximately 30 minutes long. If you plan to present in Swedish, please inform the thesis coordinator in due time, because this affects how your opponent is selected (if applicable).

How to request an opposition slot (not valid for Bachelor students)

You can also request an opposition slot, send a mail to, it is recommended to do that before your presentation.
Note that there is a queue so it can take some time to get an opposition slot. Some hints for doing opposition. Your should confine your question at the opposition to technical questions on the content of the thesis topic. If you have questions or comments about the written style, layout or presentation of the report these should be given to the author by email.

Upcoming presentations

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