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Department of Information Technology

Åsa Cajander

Professor at Department of Information Technology, Vi3; Human Machine Interaction

Mobile phone:
+46 70 4250786
Visiting address:
Room ÅNG 104186 hus 10, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Postal address:
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Åsa Cajander is a professor of human-computer interaction and does research mainly in the field of IT and work. She is one of the research leaders of the Human Technology and Organisations research group.

Åsa Cajander also researches learning and didactics and is part of the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group (UpCERG).

Åsa Cajander is also the Adviser to the Vice Chancellor on Equal Opportuntities, and one of the university's Distinguished University Teachers.

Academic merits: Docent, Excellent teacher

Keywords: arbetsmiljö usability professional competencies ehealth agile user centred design software engineering work engagement it global software engineering learning digital arbetsmiljö ehealth services for patients sustainable development

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  • Uppsala Computing Education Group:
  • Our research blog about gender in technology driven areas: The NordWit Nordic Centre of Excellence:

One focus of the research is what the developer needs to know and understand in order for the IT systems to be useful and for the digital working environment to be good. The research questions in this area is system developers' perspectives on system development, what skills they need to master and how these can be developed. Another focus of research is what methods can be used in system development projects for the systems to be useful and support work. Research in this area relate to how you work with users in Scrum projects, and how vision seminars can be used in systems development, and how the introduction of new systems for work can be done so that the work environment is not negatively affected. Åsa also conducts research in eHealth, and has a special focus on digital working environment and how the work environment in healthcare is affected by eHealth for patients.

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Åsa Cajander
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