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Department of Information Technology

Frej Knutar Lewander

PhD student at Department of Information Technology, Division of Computing Science

+4618-471 5405
Visiting address:
Room ÅNG 105136 hus 10, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Postal address:
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am doing my PhD in the Optimisation Group and am researching constrained optimisation problems (e.g., route planning and scheduling), constraint satisfaction problems (such as rostering), and the modelling and solving of these problems. My research currently focuses on (constraint-based) local search. You can find my researcher homepage here.

Keywords: artificial intelligence constraint programming stochastic local search problem modelling problem solvers combinatorial optimisation discrete optimisation

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See the Optimisation Group

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Frej Knutar Lewander