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Department of Information Technology

Konstantinos Sagonas

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Information Technology, Division of Computing Science

+4618-471 1056
Visiting address:
Room ÅNG 105138 hus 10, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Postal address:
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am a computer scientist.

I am also a terrible e-mail responder, so contact me on the phone if you want some reaction.

In my publications, I use the first name in my passport (Konstantinos), but I usually go by the name Kostis (NB: its correct pronunciation has the intonation in the second syllable).

You can find more information about my research output on my DBLP entry or on Google Scholar, where you can also find a photo of mine and an up-to-date list of my research areas.

Keywords: computer science

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