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Department of Information Technology


  • Professor in Scientific Computing.
  • Head of the cross-disciplinary research program in Computational Science.

CV and Publications.

Research Projects

All of these projects are part of the eSSENCE strategic research area initiative.

Finished or Dormant Research Projects

Participation in Major Research Initiatives

One of the PIs within the Linnaeus Center of Excellence UPMARC

Supervised Exams

  • Åsa Petersson, Licentiate Quantum Chemistry, 2001 (Advisor)
  • Henrik Brandén, PhD Numerical Analysis, 2001 (Principal Advisor)
  • Per Sundqvist, PhD Numerical Analysis, 2005 (Principal Advisor, shared with H. Brandén)
  • Kajsa Ljungberg, PhD Scientific Computing, 2006 (Principal Advisor)
  • Dan Wallin, PhD Computer Science, 2006 (Advisor)
  • Henrik Löf, PhD Scientific Computing, 2006 (Advisor)
  • Markus Nordén, PhD Scientific Computing, 2006 (Advisor)
  • Kateryna Mishchenko, PhD Applied Mathematics, 2008 (Principal Advisor)
  • Mahen Jayawardena, PhD Scientific Computing, 2010 (Principal Advisor)
  • Andreas Hellander, PhD Scientific Computing, 2011 (Advisor)
  • Anna Nissen, PhD Scientific Computing, 2011 (Advisor)
  • Salman Toor, PhD Scientific Computing, 2012 (Principal Advisor)
  • Katharina Kormann, PhD Scientific Computing, 2012 (Principal Advisor)
  • Carl Nettelblad, PhD Scientific Computing, 2012 (Principal Advisor)
  • Marcus Holm, Licentiate Scientific Computing, 2013 (Principal Advisor)
  • Magnus Grandin, PhD Scientfic Computing, 2014 (Principal Advisor)
  • Karl Ljungkvist, Licentiate Scientific Computing, 2015 (Advisor)
  • Emil Kieri, PhD Scientific Computing, 2016 (Principal Advidor)
  • Behrang Mahjani, PhD Scientific Computing, 2016 (Principal Advisor)

Current Main Assignments

Dean of Mathematics and Computer Science at Uppsala University.

Program Director (from September 2011) for the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI), hosted by NordForsk. The initiative is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk and Nordic national funding agencies. It provides a platform and common put funding for Nordic e-science research and graduate education in selected Grand Challenge areas. The aim is to support scientific progress by comprising the most capable combination of scientific competence and focusing on issues where Nordic added value can be found and exploited.

Appointed by the Ministry of Education as the Swedish representative in the European e-Infrastructure Reflection Group, (e-IRG) since December 2008. Appointed by the e-IRG plenum as Chair 2013-2014 and re-elected for 2015-2016. Member of the e-IRG executive board during 2009, including the Swedish EU presidency during autumn 2009. Chair of the e-IRG Task Force on Scientific Software during 2012.

Appointed by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Forum as Chair of the ESFRI Working Group on investment strategies in e-infrastructures in 2015.

Appointed by the European Commission as a member of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on European Research Infrastructures including eInfrastructures during 2014-2015, re-appointed for 2016-2017.

Member of the board of the Swedish National Data Service (SND) since 2012.

Earlier Main Assignments

Director (2006-2011) for the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, SNIC. SNIC has mandate to provide unified access to large-scale computing and storage resources for Swedish research. SNIC is responsible for coordinating the strategic and scientific development and funding of such resources in Sweden.

Director (2003-2006) for and responsible for the build-up of Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science, UPPMAX. UPPMAX is the regional computing center in Uppsala, and it is one of the six Swedish HPC centers within SNIC.

Chairman of the board for the National Graduate School in Scientific Computing, NGSSC. Earlier (until June 2006) Director for NGSSC.

Swedish representative (2008-2011) in the Steering Board for the Nordic Data Grid Facility, NDGF. Chairman during 2009 and Deputy Chairman during 2008. From 2012, the NDGF activities are included in the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) which has a wider scope.

Swedish representative in the European Grid Initiative (EGI), EGI Council from the start until 2012. Elected member of the Executive Board during 2010-2012. The goal of EGI is to create and operate a sustainable European grid infrastructure.

Swedish representative in the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) AISBL, PRACE Council from the start until 2012. The goal of PRACE is to provide a persistent pan-European research infrastructure for high performance computing at the top level of the European HPC ecosystem.

Swedish representative in the NORIA-net group The Nordic eScience Initiative (eNORIA) 2008-2010. Among other assignments, eNORIA had a mandate from the Nordic Council of Ministers to produce an action plan for future Nordic eScience. The plan was published in 2009, among other things resulting in the creation of the Nordic e-Science and e-Infrastructure initiatives NeGI and NeIC.

Appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers´ committee of senior officials for education & research (ÄK-U) to update of the Nordic eScience Action Plan, presented to ÄK-U in January 2015.

Co-director of the eSSENCE e-Science consortium (2010-2011) and editor of the eSSENCE application. In autumn 2009, the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research granted the eSSENCE consortium 102 MSEK for 2010-2014.

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