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Recent Work and Publications

The following paper presents new techniques for low complexity beam direction scanning when performing OTDOA positioning using narrow beam forming, in particular in mmW systems

  • R. Delgado, T. Wigren, K. Lau, R. Middleton and I. Siomina, "Statistical beam information for mmW positioning", Proc. VTC2020-Spring, Antwerp, Belgium, May 25-28, 2020.

New methods for delay control in 5G wireless communication systems are described in

  • T. Wigren, K. Lau, R. Delgado and R. H. Middleton, "Globally stable delay alignment for feedback control over NR multi-point connections", IEEE Trans. Contr. Network Systems (CONES), April, 2020. DOI:10.1109/TCNS.2020.298978. Available:
  • T. Wigren, Y. Sung, R. A. Delgado, K. Lau and R. H. Middleton, "Jitter suppression for very low latency feedback control over NR", VTC2020-Spring, Antwerp, Belgium, May 25-28, 2020.

New results on nonlinear stability based ammonium feedback and feed-forward control in wastewater treatment plants exploiting a modified PI controller are described in

  • T. Chistiakova, T. Wigren and B. Carlsson, "Combined L_2-stable feedback and feedforward aeration control in a wastewater treatment plant", IEEE Trans. Contr. Sys. Tech., no. 3, vol. 28, pp. 1017-1024, 2020. DOI: 10.1109/TCST.2019.2891410.
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