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Inslag om institutionens jämställdhetsarbete i SVT Uppland
SVT Uppland 2019-02-27 Åsa Cajander och Michael Thuné om jämställdhetsarbetet på instiutionen: Titta på inslaget

Om digitalisering och arbetsmiljö i P4 Uppland
Åsa Cajander intervjuades i P4 Uppland (2019-02-15) om digitalisering och arbetsmiljö. Intervjun är 2h och 45 min in i programmet: Lyssna på intervjun

Emma Tysk: Uppsala Student of 2018

This year’s Uppsala Student of the Year, Emma Tysk, is studying on the Master Programme in Computer and Information Engineering, and also runs her own graphic-design company. She is a fervent advocate of gender equality in the IT sector.

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Mats Daniels named Distiguished Member by ACM!
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has named 49 Distinguished Members for outstanding contributions to the field. The 2018 Distinguished Members are exemplars for their peers, and represent ACM’s worldwide geographic reach, as well as the exciting range of subdisciplines that constitute today’s technology landscape. Mats Daniels was namned Distiguished Member "For Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Computing".

- It's honoring to get this award! says Mats Daniels, who is currently also being installed as a professor at Uppsala University.
- Perhaps not least because it is "For Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Computing" and not "For Outstanding Educational Contributions to Computing" because I consider it a recognition that research on computer science didactics is counted as computer science.
The research group Mats belongs to, Uppsala Computer Education Research Group - UpCERG, has three of 45 professors (Åsa Cajander, Mats Daniels and Arnold Pears), who will be installed at Uppsala University on November 16th.
- 2018 has been a good year for UpCERG, says Mats Daniels. The EU projects COMnPLAY started this summer and we were also awarded EASTEM (Euro-Asia collaboration for enhancing STEM Education)!

More information on the ACM award

The Swedish Research Council approved eight applications at IT!

The Swedish Research Council has decided on eight approved applications from researchers at the Department of Informationtechnology. Congratulations to:

  • Pontus Ekberg
  • Stefanos Kaxiras
  • Gunilla Kreiss
  • Justin Pearson
  • Christian Rohner
  • Philipp Rümmer
  • Di Yuan
  • Dave Zachariah
  • More information about the Swedish Research Councils decisions

    UPMARC Day: Past, Present and Future of Parallel Programming

    Polhemssalen, Uppsala, Nov. 13, 2018

    The Linnaeus Centre UPMARC (Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center), which has been supported by VR (The Swedish Science Council) since 10 years, organizes this one-day workshop on the Past, Present and Future of Parallel Programming. The workshop features presentations of selected efforts, achievements, and challenges addressed by the UPMARC centre. Presentations will focus on key issues, which are complemented by posters on particular projects. The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in parallel programming, and there will be time for questions and discussions. The event will take place at Campus Polacksbacken in the conference room Polhemsalen.

    The one day workshop is sponsored by the UPMARC research programme of Uppsala University (see In particular, attendance of the workshop is free.

    Registration also covers free lunch (as a sign of progress in the field :-)

    The workshop offers talks given by leading researchers in the area, including:

    • Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Stefan Engblom, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Erik Hagersten, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Mark D. Hill, University of Wisconsin, USA
    • Stefanos Kaxiras, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Elisabeth Larsson, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Kostis Sagonas, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Tobias Wrigstad, Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Wang Yi, Uppsala University, Sweden

    In addition, the school will include a poster session where also participants will be given the opportunity to present their own research.

    For information about the workshop and registration, please see:

    We strongly encourage people interested in participating to register as soon as possible.

    Deadline for registration is October 31st!
    Registration to the UPMARC Day: Past, Present and Future of Parallel Programming


    Jan Kudlicka awarded UTNs Pedagogical Prise
    Jan Kudlicka, PhD student at the Department of Information Technology, Division of Computing Science, has been awarded the UTN Educational Prize for 2017. The motivation reads:

    "All students at Teknat have been invited to nominate their teachers, and the students chose to highlight Jans commitment, flexibility, responsiveness, and his development of the course "Database Technology I," where he worked with a web forum for questions, online quizzes and reality-based tasks."

    Björn Victor receives the Pedagogical Award
    Professor Björn Victor has been awarded the Pedagogical Award for 2018 in the area of mathematics, natural sciences, and technology. The motivation reads:

    "Björn Victor is an engaged and didactic teacher who inspires colleagues and creates a common ground between students and teachers. With an extensive pedagogical experience and responsiveness, he develops courses with student-centered learning. As an educational leader, Björn works to constantly renew teaching and provide support and advice in everything from the development of new educational programs to educational training for colleagues."

    Three New Excellent Teachers at the Department!
    Congratulations to Åsa Cajander, Tobias Wrigstad, and David Black-Schaffer, who all were appointed Excellent Teachers on the 18th of May, 2018, by the university commission for Excellent Teachers.
    - Read more about our excellent teachers here.

    Stefanos Kaxiras inducted in the ISCA Hall of Fame
    Congratulations to Stefanos Kaxiras, who has been inducted in the ISCA Hall of Fame!

    To be included in this informal “Hall of Fame” for the International Symposium on Computer Architecture is considered a great achievement In the computer architecture community. Stanford, the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan, the University of Washington, and the University of Wisconsin each have 5 members. Microsoft Research has 4. The University of Texas has 3. HP Labs, UC Berkeley, UCSB, and the University of Colorado each have 2. CMU, MIT, and a dozen other institutions each have one.

    Now, Uppsala is represented on the list.

    Interview - Gender Equality Times Two
    Michael Thuné, Head of Department and Professor of Scientific Computing at the Department of Information Technology, was awarded the 2017 Equal Opportunity Award from Uppsala University. In addition, Emma Tysk, a student with the Masters Programme in Computer and Information Engineering, was appointed Microsoft's IT-Girl for 2018.
    - Read an interview with them both here.

    Google 2018 Faculty Research Award
    Congratulations to Thiemo Voigt, who has been honoured by Google for his work in "Visible Light Communication and Backscatter-based Sensing for Implicit Interaction with loT." As part of Google’s growing efforts to support excellent research in academia, Tiemo will receive just over 30 000 dollars as part of this "2018 Faculty Research Award."
    - Read more about Google's Faculty Research Award here.

    Equal Opportunities Award to Michael Thuné
    Congratulations to Michael Thuné, wha has been awarded the 2017 Equal Opportunities Award. The motivation reads:

    "Michael Thuné [has] consistently, purposefully and continually worked for equal opportunities and equality in teaching and research, and in his management and trust assignments at the Department of information Technology as well as at the faculty and university levels. The Council for Equal Opportunities wishes to highlight Michael Thuné's time as prefect during which he created conditions and opportunities for active gender equality and equal opportunities work at his department."

    The prize was awarded in connection to the Equal Opportunities Day on the 13th of March, 2018.

    - It feels delightful and very good to get this price, says Michael Thuné. I have been working with equality issues in different roles since 1990 and believe it is one of our most important issues.
    - Read more in Medarbetarportalen (in Swedish only).

    Michael Thuné recieves the Gustav Adolf Gold Medal
    Michael Thuné has been awarded Gustaf Adolf's Gold Medal for his work as prefect at the Department of Information Technology. The motivation reads:

    "Michael Thuné has served as the Head of the Information Technology Department for many years, with collegial leadership characterized by transparency in his positioning and the decision-making process, and available and open information channels that make employees feel safe and listened to. Michael Thuné has been engaged in gender equality for many years, as a member and chairman of the faculty's equality committee and as a council for the rector. With his unobtrusive calm and friendly and generous attitude, he is a role model for many."

    The Gustaf Adolf Medal can be offered to a person who has served as a Dean for a very long time, to a prefect who initiated and maintained particularly important activities or to persons who have carried out very significant investigations or the like of large import.
    - Read more about the Gustaf Adolf Medals here

    Podcast Interview with Thomas Schön
    Thomas Schön, Professor of Automatic Control at the Department of Information Technology, has been interviewed by the Swedish publication Dagens Media in their podcast "AI-Podden," where he discusses concepts sch as AI, machine learning and deep learning. Thomas tells us why AI is so hot today and draws parallels to the American space program Apollo, led by NASA to go to the moon.
    - Listen to the interview here (in Swedish only).

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