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Department of Information Technology

News from the Department of Information Technology

Below we present news, activities and other information from the divisions and researchers at the Department of Information Technology.

New national competence centre (ENCCS)
Lilit Axner, researcher at the IT department has been appointed director for the new national competence centre ENCCS. The goal of the centre is to provide solutions for large-scale data processing.
"We enable users to make optimal use of their software on European supercomputers," says Lilit Axner, researcher and Director of EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden (ENCCS). Read the full interview with Lilit Axner at

The department of IT invests in research in sustainability and security
Professor Carolina Wählby at the Department of Information Technology was interviewed by our faculty in relation to our focus on sustainability and security in IT research. Read the intervew at (only in Swedish at the moment)

New service provides access to supercomputer
A new service launched by University IT Services (UIT) makes infrastructure for processing large amounts of data available to users throughout the University’s educational organisation.
“This service was previously only available via contacts but we are now proud and delighted to be able to offer these resources to a broader base of teachers and users within Uppsala University,” says UIT’s head of administration Christer Rindebratt.
The new service makes it possible for teachers to offer courses that require students to have access to supercomputers – i.e. extensive cloud services and powerful computer clusters with sufficient processing power, RAM and storage space – at the University’s Uppsala Multidisciplinary Centre for Advanced Computational Science (UPPMAX).
“Through the collaboration between UIT and UPPMAX, departments receive instructions and assistance to get their projects started, with access to computing capacity and storage space that teachers and students can utilise during the course,” explains Lisbet Holmberg Stark, director of UIT.
Orders for new courses and support cases are handled by the IT Service Desk, while UPPMAX helps users to install software and anything else needed to get started in their environment in the system.
Read more at Medarbetarportalen

The Department of Information Technology at SciFest 2021
Tomorrow it is time for the 2021 SciFest and we will participate (as usual) with exciting workshops and experiments.
New for this year is that the festival will be held online, completely digital. This is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that we keep social distancing.
For those of you who want to know more about SciFest from an IT point of view, we have created our own website at: SciFest 2021
See you online at SciFest!

Wang Yi named 2020 ACM Fellow
The ACM Fellows Program, initiated in 1993, celebrates the exceptional contributions of the leading members in the computing field.
Wang Yi from the Department of Information Technology was chosen to be one of the 2020 ACM Fellows, with following reasoning: "For contributions to the automated analysis and verification of real-time systems".
"This year our task in selecting the 2020 Fellows was a little more challenging, as we had a record number of nominations from around the world,” explained ACM President Gabriele Kotsis. “The 2020 ACM Fellows have demonstrated excellence across many disciplines of computing. These men and women have made pivotal contributions to technologies that are transforming whole industries, as well as our personal lives. We fully expect that these new ACM Fellows will continue in the vanguard in their respective fields."
Congratulations Wang Yi!
Read more about the nominations at the ACM website

Peter Stoica named Distinguished Fellow of IETI for 2021
Peter Stoica has been named Distinguished Fellow of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) for 2021. He is joining well-known experts from all over the world, including Nobel Prize and Turing Award Laureates.
IETI is a non-profit organization that promotes the innovations of Science, Engineering and Technology across the world. The Institute sponsors a number of conferences and publishes several journals, similarly to IEEE. IETI is younger and smaller than IEEE, but it has a broader profile. One of its sister organizations is the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI).
A big congratulations from everyone at the IT department!

It is important to work on equal opportunities
Åsa Cajander recently wrote an article in Publikt about her work as principal rector on the Equal Opportunities committee . We are very committed to having as good a work environment as possible and equality is an important part of that commitment.
So take some time and read her debate article, you can find it here: Important to work with equal terms

The application for Tech Girl of the Year 2021 is open
For the nineteenth year in a row, Microsoft is looking for candidates for the Tech Girl of the Year award. The award highlights role models to inspire more girls to seek an education and career in the tech and IT industry.
Are you the Tech Girl of the Year? Our winner has a burning interest and commitment to tech and digitalization and is a driven and committed person, no matter what she gets into. If you or someone you know is a curious and enterprising girl who in some way has inspired development and new ideas during the study period - then it is time to apply or nominate.
Are you or someone you know Tech Girl of the Year 2021? Nominate yourself or a friend by January 31, 2021.
For questions, please contact

Researchers from IT win AI challenge
A group of researchers from the Department of Information Technology has won a competition in machine learning!
Eight different teams consisting of researchers from around the world participated in what was called the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge. The challenge was to avoid staining when testing new drugs on cell cultures.
- We at AstraZeneca see that we will be able to benefit from the results immediately. Our partnership with AI Sweden and the team's contribution has opened up for both new ideas and new collaborations. It will give us a springboard to increase our capacity and potentially bring new drugs to market faster.
Congratulations to everyone involved!

Philip J Harrison
Håkan Wieslander
Ankit Gup
Ebba Bergman
Erik Hallström

New professors at the Department of Information Technology
New professors at the Department of Information Technology:
Ginevra Castellano promoted to professor 1/2 -20
Elisabeth Larsson promoted to professor 1/3-20
Lina von Sydow promoted to professor 1/10-19

VR-call ”Indo-Swedish joint network grant 2018”
Parosh Abdulla together with Mohamed Faouzi Atig and Bengt Jonsson have received a grant ”Verification of Multi-Core Real-Time Embedded Software Systems” within the VR-call ”Indo-Swedish joint network grant 2018”

Attractive Innovation Project Awards 2019
Alexander Medvedev and his research team, Kristiaan Pelckmans, Andreas Hellander and Salman Toor, and Ambuj Varshney win ”Attractive Innovation Project Awards 2019”

Award to Ambuj Varshney
Ambuj Varshney receices the second ABB Research Award in Honor of Hubertus von Grünberg Research in ultra-low power and long-range communication system (LoRea) for battery-free sensors that harvest small amounts of energy from the ambient environment.

Pierre Flener, Di Juan and Justin Pearson part of VINNOVA grant ”Bättre sågning” with SVEASKOG as coordinator.

Anna Eckerdal Excellent Teacher
Anna Eckerdal has been titled excellent teacher! An excellent teacher is a teacher who has achieved a higher level of teaching skills.

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