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Department of Information Technology

Data Science

Extracting knowledge from large and complex data.

Data Science Research

The Data Science arena includes several research groups working on a large variety of basic research methods and applications. On this page we will post a monthly highlight of our research.

Social Data Science

Social Data Science

Many of our social interactions are observable online, for example from the digital footprints we leave behind us when we interact on social media sites. Within appropriate legal and ethical limits, this data can be used to learn more about social structure and processes, from power relations to information dissemination. However, this is also extremely complex data to model and analyse, including networks, text, images and temporal annotations and thus requiring beyond-state-of-the-art methods.

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Data Science and Cloud Computing

The complexity of data produced by scientific experiments often requires the application of knowledge and methods from different areas. For example, ideas from scientific computing, machine learning and distributed systems research can be integrated to find new ways to do computation-driven study of natural phenomena.

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Data science and cloud computing

Cancer Detection with Data Analysis

Deep learning and image analysis for oral cancer detection

Data Science can be used to help cancer specialists to perform difficult, time-consuming, expensive and error-prone analyses. But besides having a high performance, automated cancer detection methods should also be considered trustworthy by both doctors and patients to be useful in practice.

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