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Department of Information Technology

Cybersecurity: an academic perspective into recent application domains


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Brief description of the education

Cybersecurity is an omnipresent force in the present society, impacting directly operational, societal and governmental decision making. The proposed online course aims to introduce students, research professionals who want to re-educate themselves, and/or policy makers to academic perspectives on cybersecurity. This course introduces participants to key concepts and design principles associated with cybersecurity in different application domains.

This course is organised around 4 modules, each related a different domain. Each module will correspond roughly with 2 self-study lectures and a joint class meeting with the responsible teacher.

  1. Introduction (all).
  2. Security in Industrial Process Control (André Teixeira).
  3. What AI can do for cybersecurity (Kristiaan Pelckmans).
  4. IOT and Computer networks (Christian Rohner).
  5. Societal Perspectives (TBD).


This is an introductory course on cybersecurity. We aim for participants with a diverse background.

Language of instruction


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Describe the key design-principles and concepts underlying a cybersecurity system.
  • Motivate important security mechanisms of a cybersecurity system.
  • Identify and explain relevant vulnerabilities in the different domains.
  • Explain the notion of risk, and describe the main parts of risk management through system design.

Forms of instruction

Online lecture videos, slides, and self-study instructions, Studium assignments. Each module will have a meeting event where all participants can interact with the responsible teacher and their peers. The course will be administered through Studium.

Examination for the Certificate

Homework assignments. Attendance and active participation in the course.


The first session (introductory life sending) will be held Monday 9e of November, 08:15-10:00am.
The topic modules contain a lecture and a followup discussion seminar. The lectures are available on Wednesdays and the seminar on the following Monday. Recorded lectures will be made available and can be studied offline, while the discussion seminars require online presence.

Module Lecture (Wednesday)  Seminar (Monday 8:15-10:00)
Introduction Monday 9 November
Secure control Wednesday 11 November Monday 16 November
IoT Security Wednesday 18 November Monday 23 November
AI Security Wednesday 25 November Monday 30 November
Security and Humanity Wednesday 2 December Monday 7 December

The exact schedule will be announced here soon.


The course is given by teachers from two different departments: Department of Information Technology (IT) and Department of Electrical Engineering (EE).

  • Course responsible: Kristiaan Pelckmans (IT)
  • Course teachers: Kristiaan Pelckmans (IT), André Teixeira (EE), Christian Rohner (IT)

For questions regarding content/format of the course, contact Kristiaan Pelckmans.


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