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Department of Information Technology


Project manager

Thomas Schön

Team leaders

David Black-Schaffer
David Broman
Joakim Jaldén
Thomas Schön


Antonio Ribeiro

PhD students

Carl Jidling
Daniel Lundén
Anna Wigren
Xuechun Xu


Carl Jidling


Juozas Vaicenavicius (Co-founder at Sensmetry, Vilnius, Lithuania.)
Jack Umenberger (Post-doc at MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA.)
Koen Tiels (now Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Lawrence Murray (now at Uber AI, San Francisco, USA)
Johan Wahlström (now post-doc at the University of Oxford, UK)
Isaac Skog (now assistant Professor at Linköping University, Sweden)
Andreas Lindholm (now Machine Learning Engineer with Annotell, Göteborg, Sweden)
Jan Kudlicka (now Assistant Professor of Data Science at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway)

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