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Department of Information Technology

Research centres previously linked to the Department of Information Technology

  • WISENET (Uppsala Center for Wireless Sensor Networks) 2007-2014
  • ARTES (A network for Real-Time research and Education in Sweden) 1997-2007
  • ASTEC (Advanced Software Technology) 1995-2005
  • PSCI (Parallel and Scientific Computing Institute) 1997-2005
  • NITA (the Swedish IT-User Centre) - NITA works for increased awareness regarding IT-use in society. NITA promotes the development and use of information and communication technologies (IT) by bridging gaps within and between the research community, industry, and the public sector.
  • Uppsala STS - The department used to host Uppsala STS (Science and Technology Studies Center), which is a multi-disciplinary centre for research on the relation between science, technology and society.
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