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Department of Information Technology

How to organize TAPVES

The responsibilty of the organizers is:

  1. Find people that want to give a seminar.
  2. Announce the seminars:
    1. Make sure there is a title and an abstract for each seminar at least on Tuesday 9 days in advance. Use it to make a poster. You can find templates here: .doc .sxw (old version: .doc .sxw). Print it (see How To Print in Color ) and put it in the coffee room just after the previous presentation.
    2. On LäsIT: Send an email to the LäsIT editors. Please use this template (cf. LäsIT FAQ).
    3. On Thursday morning before 10:30, send an email to DoCS and CSD. You can use this template.
  3. Help the presenters:
    1. Talk with each person giving a seminar and remind them to read these instructions 14 days in advance.
    2. Be there at 13:15 and help the presenter prepare the room.

Timeline for organizers

  1. Every Tuesday: check that the presenter 9 days later has written a title and an abstract, and that they have started making the presentation. Make a poster out of them and announce on LäsIT. If a presenter is missing for this week, next week, or the week after that, start hunting one.
  2. Every Thursday morning: announce today's seminar by email before 10:30. Send an email with a link to the instructions to the person presenting in two weeks. Talk with the chair person and check that she or he knows what to do. Announce next seminar on LäsIT.
  3. At 13:15: Be in the room, help the presenter prepare the room.
  4. Just after the seminar: replace the poster in the coffee room. On the homepage, mark the next presenter by boldface.
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