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Department of Information Technology


The aim of e-Science is to develop and employ Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based tools for scientific investigations. It entails developing, implementing, and using computer-based tools for performing challenging research in regimes where traditional experimental and theoretical approaches are insufficient. It also builds on and provides unprecedented opportunities for collaborations between experts in academia and industry, across disciplines, and over long geographical distances. To make significant progress, e-Science is critically connected to the development of computational tools and methods, as well as to the readiness of application areas to embrace novel paradigms and attack scientific challenges from new directions.

There is established excellence at Uppsala University in a wide range of e-Science research areas. Uppsala University has joined forces with Lund University and Umeå University to launch the eSSENCE collaboration project as a highly visible forerunner in the e-Science field.

Information Technology

e-Science is a key theme for the centres and groups:

and to some extent for the projects:


All participants in the eSSENCE project at Uppsala University are urged to fill in the name eSSENCE in the field Part of project for (applicable) items in DiVA. A list of publications within eSSENCE from the Department of Information Technology is extracted regularly from DiVA.

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