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Department of Information Technology


Didem Gurdur Broo


I care about the future of the world and nature. I am a computer scientist who aims to make future cyber-physical systems interoperable and sustainable. I am a change maker, who wants to bring new perspectives on designing the future intelligent machines. I am an analytical thinker with a passion for design thinking, a researcher with a future perspective, an engineer who likes problems more than solutions, and a teacher who likes to play during lectures.

Natalia Calvo Barajas


Natalia is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. With a background in mechatronics and robotics engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science acquired through the MSCA ITN program, her research focuses on developing fair and transparent algorithms for intelligent robots and diverse autonomous systems. She follows a multidisciplinary approach encompassing deep learning, human-robot interaction, robot manipulation tasks, and conversational interfaces. In a world where robots can actively assist humans, she aims to contribute to shaping the future of autonomous technology, fostering a society where these systems operate with fairness, accountability, and ethics at their core.

Alexandros Rouchitsas


I am fascinated by how the human mind processes interactions with advanced technologies, whether they be avatars in virtual environments, social robots at home, or autonomous vehicles in traffic. I am an engineering psychologist who is intent on facilitating the adoption of innovative and sustainable technologies to improve user performance and experience without losing sight of the big picture.

Master's students who are currently working in the lab

  • Anas Sohail Zafar (Real-time object detection using LiDAR for autonomous driving)
  • Aravind Srisai Kishore (Research & analysis of automated robots using sensors and path finding algorithms)
  • Gábor Szolnok (Human-aware edge computing scheduling for cyber-physical systems)
  • Felix Thörnblad (Human-robot interaction: Understanding human intention towards interaction)
  • Dilsad Akkoyun (Identification and detection of beach litter using computer vision techniques)
  • Tomas Järnil Perez (Exploring the cooperative abilities between homogenous robotic arms)
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