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Department of Information Technology


Project staff

Gulliksen, Jan
Lif, Magnus
Olsson, Eva
Sandblad, Bengt

Project objectives and activities

We are participating in several projects within the Swedish National Tax Board (RSV) with the purpose of increasing the usability of computer support in their case handling work activities and enhancing the methodological aids for the development of the computer support. We are participating in the following activities:

  1. AKTIV - Aims at creating a conceptual framework and a mutual set of processes for all case handling work activities within the organisation. Especially the effects this framework has on the development of computer support are studied.
  2. RSVSSG - Aims at creating a domain specific style guide for case handling work at the Swedish National Tax Board, to increase the knowledge on human-computer interaction and domain specific design by the developers. and to identify appropriate elements of work for the domain specific style guide. An evaluation of the domain specific design methodology is also planned.
  3. SKRUV-oo - Aims at incorporating methods for modelling of the user interface into the existing methodological development environment for all administrative application development within the organisation. Especially this means methods for modelling actors, use cases and work tasks according to a workspace oriented interface structure.
  4. FILBYTER - In the project developing a new environment for the handling of personal income tax declarations, especially the design of the human-computer interface and the design of the handling of electronic documents are studied.
  5. SKATTEKONTO/MAGI - An application of new methodological tools for the development of usable user interfaces for the handling of cases related to an account for value-added tax and payroll tax.
  6. INDEX - User interface design activities for recovery work at the Swedish Enforcement Service.
  7. KONTUR - Prototype evaluation and user interface design for an application for selecting an appropriate set of cases to handle.
  8. KONTIKI - Evaluating a method to structure important information that is not strictly case oriented.

Project publications

A series of reports on the CMD-RSV cooperative research project have been released and are available through Kjellåke Hendriksson, RSV S/IT, 17194 SOLNA

Financial support

  • Arbetslivsfonden, the Swedish Working Life Fund
  • Riksskatteverket (RSV), the Swedish National Tax Board
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