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Department of Information Technology

Algorithms and implementations for multicore and parallel architectures


  • Magnus Gustafsson (PhD student, Principal advisor: S. Holmgren, Co-advisor: M. Thuné)
  • Martin Tillenius (PhD student, Principal advisor: E. Larsson, Co-advisor: S. Holmgren)

The research in the group is performed within the Linnaeus Center of Excellence UPMARC. The work e.g. includes collaboration with the Computer Architecture group at the department. Also, the group has contacts with several applied computing groups who contribute with problem settings.


Dynamic Task Scheduling for Molecular Dynamics

A task-based approach with dynamic task scheduling is used to build a molecular dynamics simulation software targeted for multicore systems. Data dependencies are detected by the task library and the tasks are then scheduled dynamically at run-time to fulfill all data dependencies, releasing the programmer from this burden.

The software will be used to generate node point distributions for use in radial basis function methods.

Dynamically scheduled tasks

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More articles/conf.contr. will be added soon! (2009-08-29)

Technical Reports and Preprints

  • Efficient optimization algorithms and implementations for genetic analysis of complex traits on a grid system with multicore nodes. M. Jayawardena, H. Löf, S. Holmgren. Accepted for publication in Proc. Workshop on State-of-the-art in Scientific and Parallel Computing (PARA 2008).


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