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Department of Information Technology

Methods and Tools

Below is a description of the methods and tools that we have developed in the Satsa Friskt-project.

Vision seminars

Vision seminars is an approach and a process we advocate when engaged in organizational and IT system development. Together with representatives from the organization a number of vision seminars are used to develop a more concrete description of the future work within the organization. Work in the seminars is performed by the ones that actually are to perform the proposed future work. Moreover, they are given an extensive method support carrying out the process. Vision seminars are performed in an early stage in a development process in order to underpin further work including specification of requirements, procurement activities and system development.

The result of a vision seminar process is a joint understanding of how the future work is to be developed, together with elemental requirements on functionality in the future supporting IT system. A vision seminar process consists of a several parts:

  • Strategically affecting prerequisites those are likely to have a future influence on the organization and from which the proposal of future work shall be based upon.
  • Important aspects on the future work, that is a structured description of such aspects recognized by the work group to be important in the future work
  • Descriptive scenarios that practically illustrates how a day at the future work would look like if the aspects were implemented
  • Preliminary prototypes of the future supporting IT system


About the method

Eva Olsson, Niklas Johansson, Jan Gulliksen, och Bengt Sandblad: A Participatory Process Supporting Design of Future Work


Niklas Johansson, Bengt Sandblad: VIHO - Efficient IT Support in Home Care Services

Usability Index

The aim of this activity is to construct and further develop an index to describe usability of IT tools and how usability affects satisfaction of organizational goals. the questionnaire has been tested in two governmental organizations with several hundred participants. The results showed very positive reliability and validity characteristics. The structure and the content of the questionnaire allows us to use it as an usability index.
The usability index is a survey tool, which can be used to measure the level of usability of an IT tool as well as to assess any change in the level of usability between two versions of the system. The tool can be used generally with any system, and it can also be adapted for any specific system.


Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos: AvI-enkäten: Ett verktyg för att mäta användbarhet, stress och nytta av IT-stöd

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