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Department of Information Technology

DiVA Guidelines for Doctoral Theses at the Department of IT

In addition to the UU Library Guide for licentiate and doctoral theses, there are important IT-departmental guidelines listed below.

Division and Research Programme

In DiVA both division affiliation (avdelningstillhörighet) and research programme (forskningsprogram) are author attributes residing as leaves in the same hierarchical organisation menu. For authors of theses, two menu choices should be made:

  • first mark the division
  • then mark the research programme.
The research programme is given division-wise as follows:
Division of Computer Systems
Computer Systems
Computer Architecture and Communication Systems
Division of Computing Science
Computing Science
Division of Scientific Computing
Computational Science
Numerical Analysis
Division of Systems and Control
Artificial Intelligence
Automatic Control
Division Vi3
Computing Education Research
Image Analysis and Human-Computer Interaction

Refrain from any redundant markings in the hierarchical organisation menu. For every leaf or node in the organisation tree, all their ancestors are inherited.

Research Subject

In the Research Subject menu, mark the PhD subject (forskarutbildningsämne) in which the author is admitted to PhD studies.

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