Technical Report 1999-005

Trafiksäkerhet och informationsmiljö i tågförarsystemet. Litteraturöversikt och olycksfallsanalyser

Anders Jansson, Erik Lindberg, and Eva Olsson

June 1999


This literature survey focuses on studies of the train driver system and its connections to other parts of the larger train traffic system. The main part of the studies concern Swedish conditions, but other references are included as well.

In the first part, different ways of analysing accidents are discussed, including organisational aspects. In the second part, research results from different areas, all assumed to be relevant to the train driver task, are aggregated into a body of knowledge about the train driver system. Comparisons are made between the train driver task and other operator tasks. Further, the effects of a higher degree of automation are discussed.

The task of driving a train is modelled as a dynamic decision task, where the driver's mental representation of the technical system and the optic flow of information are assumed to be important parts of the train driver task.

In the last part of the literature survey, the content of 40 accident reports is discussed. Further, an analysis and a classification of Swedish train accidents are made by using CREAM (Hollnagel, 1998). The content of the reports, as well as the CREAM-method are evaluated, and different classification criteria are discussed.

Note: In Swedish

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