Technical Report 2001-027

On the use of flexural wave propagation experiments for identification of complex modulus

K. Mahata, T. Söderström, M. Mossberg, L. Hillström, and S. Mousavi

November 2001

In this paper, we investigate the estimation of the complex modulus of a viscoelastic material from flexural wave experiments. A bar specimen of uniform cross-section is subjected to lateral impact by a steel ball giving rise to flexural waves traveling along the bar. The strains due to wave propagation are registered as functions of time using strain gauges at different sections. The measured strains are transformed in to the frequency domain. A non-parametric estimation of the complex modulus is carried out for each frequency. An analysis of the quality of the non-parametric estimate is carried out. The validity of the theoretical results are confirmed by numerical studies and experimental tests.

Note: Also in the proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Identification of Engineering System, Swansea 2002

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